Sigma Sigma Phi

Sigma Sigma Phi - Gamma Chapter
Erie, PA
AOA National Convention
San Diego, California
Sunday, October 7th, 2012
Presented by: Prashant Patel, OMS II, President
Prashant Patel
Angela Manglitz
Alex Shin
Lauren Young
Our motivation
“Don’t let your studies interfere
with your education.”
- Henry Rutgers
Our Chapter’s Goals
 Positively impact the community at large through
service projects and charitable fundraisers
 Strengthen the presence and awareness of
Osteopathy in the local community
 Promote fellowship amongst the student body
and continue the scholastic standing of its
members and its colleagues
To achieve our goals, we:
 Hold monthly meetings
 Organize service projects at Voices for Independence and
Ophelia Project
 Organize bi-annual Blood Drives
 Fundraise
 Business card sale
 Scholarship Auction
 Ambassadorship
 Additional community service projects
Monthly Meetings
• General club meeting the fourth
Tuesday of every month
Discuss upcoming events and service opportunities
Promote open discussion and fellowship among
• To fulfill their commitment to
SSP, members participate in
community service and
fundraising events
Voices for Independence
• Non-profit organization that
provides independent living
support and services to people
with disabilities
Dedicated to creating a service delivery system that
empowers people with disabilities to take control of their
lives, and become active and productive members of the
• Five tenets:
Information and referral
Peer support
Skills training
Voices for Independence
• Events with SSP volunteer
October 2011: Chill’s And Thrill’s
December 2011: Gift Wrapping
May 2012: Barrier Awareness Day
June 2012: Independence Run
The Ophelia Project
• Non-profit organization that
serves youth and adults who are
affected by relational and other
non-physical forms of
Provides these individuals with a unique combination of
tools, strategies, and solutions
• Ongoing activities with SSP
volunteer support
STAR Program
CASS Program
General Maintenance help at the office
Bi-Annual Blood Drives
 Collaborative effort with
Community Blood Bank of Erie,
 Held at LECOM campus every
fall and spring since 2002
 SSP orchestrates the donations
of the students, faculty, staff,
and community to ensure
efficient collection
• Annual Business Card Sale
• LECOM Scholarship Auction
Interview Lunches
Welcome to Pathways
Rotations Review
Community Health Fairs
Future events:
 GLEEcom / LECOM Live
 Board Exam Panel
Additional Service Events
 Relay for Life
 Global Youth Service Day
 CelebrateERIE
 Clothing Drive
Leadership at
LECOM Seton Hill
SPRING 2012
Ronald McDonald House
Welcome Bags for CHP
Walk A Mile In Her Shoes to
support Blackburn Center
FALL 2012
Walk to End Alzheimer’s at Twin Lakes Park
Red Cross
Heart Walk at Seton Hill for AHA
Chapter Presentation
and Membership
Membership Drive & Induction
Co-sponsoring Welcome Bags
for Expectant Mothers at
Ronald McDonald House
(w/ Peds & OB/GYN Club)
• Business Card Fundraiser Sale
• SSP Lunch/Orientation Ambassadors
• Community Health Fair
• Red Cross Holiday Party for Military Families
• Blood Drives with Seton Hill University
• Dorm Talks at Seton Hill University
Final Thoughts
It is with great enthusiasm that we
continually grow and evolve to
meet the constant demands and
perpetually changing needs of our
student colleagues and the
community at large.
Thank you!
Sigma Sigma Phi – Gamma Chapter Executive Board

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