Palms West Hospital - American College of Osteopathic Pediatricians

An affiliate of the Palm Beach Centre for Graduate Medical Education
AOA-approved Pediatric Residency Program
Marlene Caraballo, DO
Director of Medical Education
Edward Packer, DO, FAAP, FACOP
Program Director, Pediatrics
Palm Beach Centre for Graduate
Medical Education
• A multi-facility academic medical
center dedicated to quality in medical
• Comprised of four acute inpatient
hospitals affiliated HCA Healthcare.
– Columbia Hospital
– Palms West Hospital
– University Hospital
– St. Lucie Medical Center
PBCGME-Mission and Values
• Above all else, we are committed to the care that is rendered to the
patients of our attendings, as well as that which will be provided to
the patients of our graduates. In recognition of this commitment,
we will strive to deliver high quality, cost-effective graduate medical
education programs utilizing the resources of our hospitals, faculty
and community.
• In pursuit of our mission, we believe the following value statements
are essential and timeless:
We recognize and affirm the obligation to our community to graduate
the most highly-qualified physicians possible.
– We will not graduate any individual whom we would not feel
comfortable referring a loved one to.
– We act with absolute honesty, integrity and fairness in the way we
conduct our business and the way we live our lives.
– We trust our colleagues as valuable members of our education team
and pledge to treat one another with loyalty, respect, and dignity.
Palms West Hospital
• 29 bed Pediatric floor/ 8 bed PICU/ 9 bed Pediatric ER
– Variety of pathology
– Plenty of opportunities for procedures
Pediatric Department has 35 general pediatricians on
staff and 29 subspecialists
Pediatric oncology floor
Pediatric ER is ready for any children's emergency, with
the latest pediatric equipment, board-certified
pediatricians and a staff trained specifically in the special
medical needs of children. Staffed with Miami Children’s
Hospital physicians.
Program Strengths
• AOA approved 3 year fast track pediatric program
• Required core rotations are incorporated into first year
• Small number of residents maximizes learning
Continuity clinics serves local underserved population
Pediatrician staffed pediatric emergency department
Busy inpatient services with staffed with dedicated
pediatric hospitalist devoted to teaching
Virtually every pediatric subspecialist on staff to provide
one on one learning experience
Pediatric Medical Staff include subspecialist
in the following areas:
– Pediatric Anesthesia
– Pediatric
– Pediatric
– Pediatric Cardiology
– Pediatric Infectious Disease
– Pediatric Critical Care
– Pediatric Neurology
– Pediatric Neurosurgery
– Pediatric Nephrology
– Pediatric Dentistry
– Pediatric Ophthalmology
– Pediatric Emergency
– Pediatric Orthopedics
– Pediatric ENT
– Pediatric Pulmonology
– Pediatric Surgery
– Pediatric Gastroenterology
– Pediatric Urology
– Pediatric Plastic Surgery
Pediatric Residency Program
• Established 2004 by a committed, dedicated and
energetic teaching staff that envisioned the academic
potential in Palms West Hospital.
Our pediatrics program offers a full complement of
healthcare services and is the hub of specialized
pediatrics services for a six county surrounding area.
The only hospital in the Western community with a
dedicated Pediatric department with pediatric
The only Pediatrics Residency between Miami and
Monthly Evidence Based Journal Club
Leadership Training
Board Review
Pediatric Cardiology
Monthly OMM Lectures
Morning Reports
Grand Rounds
Tumor Board
Nelson’s Club
Monthly subspecialty lectures in Heme/Onc, GI,
Neurology, Neonatology, ID
And much more…
Medical School Education
• Primary teaching affiliate: Nova Southeastern University
College of Osteopathic Medicine
Founding Member, Consortium for Excellence in Medical
Education (CEME)
Core students taken from:
Pediatrics Affiliations
• Palms West Hospital
– Primary teaching Hospital
St. Mary’s Medical Center
– Subspecialty rotation
Plantation General Hospital
– Subspecialty rotation
Florida Community Health Centers (NSU AHEC)
– Continuity clinic
Miami Children’s Hospital - Nicklaus Care Center
Ambulatory Pediatrics
• Excellent experience serving underserved
• Continuity Clinic
– Full day OGME 1-3
• Opportunity for community ambulatory
rotation as senior resident
Inpatient Pediatrics
Pediatric ED
Pediatric Surgery
Developmental Pediatrics
Highly desirable location in warm Palm Beach
County, Florida.
• For further information either go to our
Or contact the ADME,
Joanne Guccio
at 561-784-3127.

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