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Assessments Available Online
STAAR L (online only)
Grade 4 reading and mathematics (English only)
Grade 7 reading and mathematics
Grade 8 science and social studies
TELPAS (online only)
Grades 3–8 mathematics
Grades 5 and 8 science
Grade 8 social studies
Algebra I, biology, U.S. history
Standardized Oral Administration (online only)
Algebra I, biology, English I, English II, U.S. history
Grades 2–12 reading
Exit level English Language Arts (ELA), mathematics, science, social studies
Available Resources: Manuals and Guides
The following manuals and guides can all be located in the Texas Assessment Management System at
User's Guide for the Texas Assessment Management System (TAMS) – Learn about using the TAMS, an
integrated system for managing most aspects of assessment administration, including online testing. The following
chapters of this manual are particularly relevant to online testing: Student Data (Chapter 6), Test Setup (Chapter
7), and Test Management (Chapter 8).
User Roles and Permissions for the Texas Assessment Management System – Determine TAMS system
access based on personnel roles and established permissions, including District Testing Coordinator, Campus
Testing Coordinator, Online Session Administrator, and Online Test Administrator.
Minimum System Requirements – Make sure your computer hardware, web browsers, and networks are
adequate for online testing.
System Check for TestNav Utility – An online tool for checking that computers and networks are ready for
online testing.
TestNav 7 Combined Technical Guide – A single source of technology guidelines for successful administration
of online assessments providing technical information for using the TAMS, TestNav 7 (the browser-based test
delivery system), and proctor caching.
TestNav 7 and Proctor Caching Quick Start – A brief technical overview of TestNav 7 and proctor caching.
Tips for TestNav 7: Adobe Flash Player and Java – Important considerations about how TestNav 7 uses
updated versions of Adobe Flash Player and Java for test delivery.
Getting started flow-chart – A quick overview of the steps required for administering online assessments.
Available Resources: Training
The following manuals and guides can all be located in the Texas Assessment Management System at
District Testing Coordinator Training for Online Testing – Video presentations
providing essential information necessary for online testing including Online Testing
Resources, Managing Student Data, Test Setup, and Creating and Managing Test
Technology Coordinator Training for Online Testing – Video presentations
providing essential technical information for online testing including Online Testing
Permissions, Proctor Caching, Configuring TestNav, TAMS, and Additional Technical
Texas Assessment Management System (TAMS) – Self-paced training modules
and tutorials for learning about the TAMS.
Student Tutorials – Tutorials for students and educators to become familiar with the
online testing tools and environment.
Available Resources: Students
The following manuals and guides can all be located in the Texas Assessment Management System at
Student Tutorials, Released Tests, and Tools– Hands-on resources for students to
become familiar with the online testing tools and environment.
Standardized Oral Administration Student Tutorial
STAAR End-of-Course Writing Tool
STAAR L Online Student Tutorials
TELPAS Online Reading Test Student Tutorials
TAKS Written Composition Tool (ePAT)
Texas-Specific Testing Tools (ePAT)
2010 TELPAS Reading Released Tests
Grades 2-12 Reading Test Samples from the Educator Guide to TELPAS
TAKS Study Guides – Guides to help students prepare for TAKS Exit Level retests.
Texas Assessment Student Portal – View an individual student's assessment results.
Texas Assessment Student Portal Guide – A guide to navigating the Student Portal.
Accommodations Available for Online Testing
There are two types of oral test administrations available online:
Traditional version - test administrator reads the assessment to the student
Standardized Oral Administration (SOA) - assessment is read by the computer, paced by the student, and is
available for select assessments and in specific grades
Note: STAAR L has an audio component for individual words or phrases, but this
assistance is not sufficient for providing an oral administration.
Before a student with a testing accommodation can test online, his or her ARD, 504, or
other appropriate committee recommendation must specifically approve the student
for online testing. We suggest that committee members review the available online
testing training and tutorial resources to determine if online testing is appropriate for
the student.
Accommodations -
ARD Committee -
Resources: Contacts
Pearson’s Austin Operations Center
7:30 AM – 5:30 PM CT Monday–Friday
Toll free: 800-627-0225
E-mail: [email protected]
Call or email Pearson’s Texas Online Team for assistance with:
• information about online testing or online
testing procedures
• navigating the Texas Assessment
Management System
• accessing and using the Practice Center
• managing examinee data
• setting up test sessions
• assigning login IDs and passwords
• accessing resources
• questions about Pearson Online Testing
• questions about oral administration of test
• setting up a test run of the TestNav test
delivery system
• network problems
• proctor caching issues
• evaluating infrastructure
• hardware and software requirements or
• the TestNav Early Warning System
• wireless networking issues
• technical emergencies
• solving online testing set-up issues
Resources: Contacts
Telephone 512-463-9536
Fax 512-463-9302
TEA Student Assessment website –
Call TEA’s Student Assessment Division for assistance with:
• testing accommodations
• requesting changes to the testing schedule
• questions about the policy on taking breaks and lunch
• testing beyond normal school hours
• handling unusual circumstances on test days
• violations of test security
• handling school emergencies that affect testing
• questions about general online testing policy
• questions about TEA communications

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