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and example
 Why this new AP test?
 Currently not all AP tests are
The revised framework
can be downloaded
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created equal
most universities retest the students
upon their arrival.
the college board wants to
standardize the AP language tests, so
that universities will use the results
more readily.
What is the standard?
based upon the syllabi of the 10 best
institutions -rated anonymously by
the college board
Support group
AP Teachers
Find and share
classroom ready
Essential course
Step 1. Syllabus
How to set up
the syllabus, to
get them all
through the
Steps towards a
revised course
Visit the AP German
Language and Culture
course home page for
the information and
resources you need to
teach the revised
Sample syllabus is
available here:
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AP German Language und Culture Syllabus
 Teachers of AP German Language and Culture must
submit an updated course syllabus for the 2011-12
academic year.
 Resources that support syllabus development and a
timeline can be found on the following website
Deadline is: January 31, 2012
Syllabi must be
-regularly updated
-renewed every 5 years
-standard based
Course Overview :
This class is comprised of six thematic units organized around essential questions and authentic materials. It is
conducted almost exclusively in German, and students are encouraged to use German exclusively in class. Every
week, two volunteer native speakers of German from the community are in the class for support and to lead
small conversation groups.
For each unit there are structural foundations the students practice through contextualized activities related to
the unit’s theme. Each unit develops related vocabulary.
All the examples given for a variety of authentic materials are subject to constant change, since the content of
the course is partially based on most current information, and development in the world. All resources stated
under the appropriate unit are in addition to all materials of the primary textbook.
Throughout the course the teachers implements current events using authentic resources.
Throughout the course students prepare posters or PowerPoint presentations on cultural topics that they
present orally to the class. Their presentation is based on identified authentic resources, and includes a cultural
comparison of the student’s own community to an area of the German-speaking world. Since students watch
broadcasts from different areas of the German-speaking world, they discuss cultural and linguistic differences.
Prompt and scoring rubric for one of the assignment- see appendix 1
Throughout the course, students’ homework assignments consists of reading literary texts of their choice,
writing a reading log, developing their own individual vocabulary list, and write reading reflections. Instructions
for extensive reading assignments, and rubric – see appendix 2
We have a GAPP (German-American Partnership Program) existing with a high school from Freiburg, Germany.
Between students in AP and the German high school students exist regular opportunities for real-life language
use. Students participate in at least one of the offered field trips by the German teacher. Those are usually
cultural events conducted in German. At least once a year, we invite a German-speaking guest speaker into our
classroom, e.g., German author Leonhard Thoma, Austrian photographer Werner Branz.
Formative and summative assessments will be used throughout the year to check text comprehension and
interpretation, grammar and vocabulary. Most of the summative assessments will be holistically graded using
Primary Course Materials
Moeller, Adolph, Mabee, Berger – Kaleidoskop 7/e, Houghton Mifflin Company, 2007
Rankin,Wells- Handbuch zur deutschen Grammatik 4, Houghton Mifflin Company, 2004
Alan Posener-Olli aus Ossiland, Sangill Grafik Poduktion, Holme-Olstrup, 1997
Good buy, Lenin- Warner Bros., 2003
Türkisch für Anfänger, DVD, Das Erste, 2009
Das Leben der Anderen, DVD, Buena Vista Home Entertainment, 2006
read more on:
„Designing the AP
German Language and
Culture course around
themes creates an
meainingful context in
which to explore a variety
of language concepts.
Themes help teachres
integrate langauge,
content, and culture
into an interrelated series
of lessons and activities
that promote the use
of the language in a
variety of contexts. A
theme may be used to plan
a brief unit of study or a
comprehensive unit
spanning a greater period
of time, or to connect
with AP courses in
other disciplines.“
Course Themes
the AP German Language and Culture course is
structured around these 6 subjects:
Lets try this ourselves
Structure the course with 6
essential questions – one per
 Lets think of a unit for each
of these subject matters.
which authentic materials
what topic matters
what current events
Remember, you are
anticipating the type of texts
that students might see on
exams! Only authentic
materials are used on the AP
tests from now on.
Ex: What is
Beauty? Has
it changed? If
so, how?
Context for the course
Even grammar
should be taught
Everything will from now on have
within a specific
it’s the new buzz word.
What does that mean for you and your course?
The course needs to focus on context with a
thematic approach. It must focus on culture with
the three Ps.
Lets review that pedagogic jargon briefly
Quite some lingo:
What are the …
3 P’s
5 C’s?
 Connections
 Culture
 Comparison
Sprache und Kulture –
Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz
 Communities
Innerhalb & außerhalb der
Schule in Deustchland
 Communication
Can you give me some
 Product
 Practices
 Perspectives
Basiert auf Perspektive,
jemanden, den ich kenne,
nicht kenne / wird anders
Again, examples?
So again, the new test will focus on culture with 3 P’s?
Thus, include Lieder, Bücher, Zeitungen!
Useful websites:
Remember: The student
will be confronted with
authentic materials
during the test. He/She
will need strategies as
it will be impossible to
predict what words or
topics will be on the
Additional authentic
matireal sources:
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Für Arbeitsblätter
• Matobe – online Verlag, Arbeitsblätter kaufen und
Für Nachrichten
• ARD online
Tools to get students speaking
• Lingtlanguage
• Rhinospike (foreign language speak at demand)
Habt ihr noch Webseiten?
Neues Examen
3 Stunden lang
Es gibt 2 Sektionen,
gegliedert nach
Learning Objective
I.Print & Written
II.Print & Audio
What is that? –
Promotional Material,
Werbung, Plakate zu
Konzerten, Prospekte.
New AP Test breakdown
Einige Veränderungen/ wichtige Hinweise
 Free responses werden nicht mehr veröffentlicht
 Design des Kurses ist wichtig – Es gibt leider nur 1 Praxis
Examen im Moment.
 Hinter jeder Frage im Examen steht eine Learning
 Kurs muss nach learning objectives structuriert werden.
 Studenten müssen Statistiken lesen können, und das Wort
Quellenmaterial kennen.
Practice Exam:
Völlig NEU I
 Print & Audio
Audio & Article (Ex. S. 25 of the pratice exam)
Audio to S. 25.
Students must read the text first, then answer the
questions in regard to this text. Once the time is up, the
student will have to listen to the read text (it starts
automatically). The audio section will be read twice. The
student now had to answer the oral questions, and will
then have to answer the questions that compare and
contrast the audio with the written.
to only
read one
side to
safe time!
Audio and Sample Test:
Völlig NEU II
 Presentational Writing
Student should makes some notes before writing.
Frage lesen
II. Eigene Idee aufschreiben
III. Unterstüzungen im Text finden
IV. Kontrast finden
The College Board suggests

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