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City Shop & Greek Products
Prepared by: Shanghai City Supermarket CO. LTD
Prepared on: Dec. 2014
 Overview
1. About us
2. Our experience
 About Us
City Shop
One of high end supermarket chains based in Shanghai
 Retailer
 Importer
 Wholesaler
 City Shop - Retailer
- 12 shops in Shanghai high-end business and residential area,
2 shops in Beijing in Embassy Zone, high-end business area
online shop:,(Chinese / English)
- Over 10,000 kinds of imported groceries
- Consumers include expatriates, high-income Chinese
City Shop - Importer
Goods : dry, fresh and frozen products
Brands :The most popular brands & Gourmet Products from various countries
From the Countries:
- Germany
- Greece ( Fage yogurt, air Freight from France )
- France
- Italy
- Switzerland
- UK
- Austria
- Spain
- Australia
- Japan
- Thailand, Singapore
 New Platform to sell import foods
City Shop will open!
Cross-Border E-commerce
Comedus Shanghai Trading Co. Ltd
- invested by City Shop
- Registered in China ( Shanghai ) Pilot Free Trade Zone
- 4000 sqm warehouse ( Dry, Chill, Frozen )
- 14 Temperature controlled transport vehicles
- Professional team
- Provide logistic service for imported foods
Searching Partners
- Direct mailing from origin
- Free trade zone
Greek products in City Shop
New Products
Sourced in their domestic market
recommended by customers or supplier
Introduce new products to customers
- Marketing Test & Promotion
The easy and effective way
Free Tasting + Recipe
Nutritious Recommendation
Food Festival
- Make the decision, continue or discontinue
Food promotion in City Shop
USA 2008, 2010
Find more Fine Food Manufactures
Thai 2008, 2010
Introduce the Thai Cuisine to our international Customers, increase the
sales of existing products.
Taiwan Food Corner since 2009 to now
Similar food culture between Chinese Main land and Taiwan, but high
quality products with good price.
Spanish 2011
Find new and good Spanish products
Germany 2011
Successful promote the sales of Christmas Products
French 2012
introduce the French life style, increase the French products sales 25%
Spanish Andalucia & Extremandura 2013, 2014
Increased the sales of existed products and introduce new products
Portugal 2014
introduced new area products to Chinese customer
Business risk in import foods
- Difference System or Standard of Food Safety
- Chinese Regulation
Dairy Plants Registration in CNCA, Greece has not shown
on the website ,
Yogurt import stopped
- The labor, logistic, etc cost is getting more and more expensive
How to avoid the risk
- Marketing research, find good collaborator
- Prepare well in advance for standard difference
Wish to cooperate with more Greek Suppliers
Thank you!
Sherry XIE
[email protected]

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