Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing & Visual Arts

Booker T. Washington
High School for the
Performing & Visual Arts
BTWHSPVA School Mission
• Mission: To provide intensive training in the
arts and academics and to ensure students
graduate ready for college and the
professional work force.
• Vision: To be the premier performing, visual
arts and academic high school in the United
States and to serve as a model for excellence
in teaching, learninnational g and professional
BTWHSPVA Core Values
We value and believe:
• that every student can succeed both artistically and
• that the arts are vital to civilization
• that hard work and determination open doors but do not
guarantee success
• that we perform and behave with diligence, respect, and
integrity in everything we do
• that success in life is measured in multiple ways
• that BTW is part of a larger community in the Dallas ISD and
the Dallas arts community
BTWHSPVA School Motto
Always Reaching Towards Success
Organizational Chart
Associate & Assistant Principals
Administrative Team
Support Staff
Art Area Chairs/Coordinators
Academic Chairs
Art Area Faculty
Academic Faculty
Experienced Faculty
47.8% over 20 years experience
29.1% 11-20 years experience
7.7% 6-10 years experience
13.7% 1-5 years experience
.9% Beginning Teachers
Entrance Requirements
• Complete the application requirements:
application, proof of residency, current report
card, standardized test scores An
Audition/Portfolio in one of four areas: Dance,
Music, Theatre, & Visual Art (75%)
• Minimum Academic Scores (25%)
– GPA 75%
– Standardized Tests: 40% Math
40% Reading
Dallas ISD vs. Out-of-District
• All students who live within the Dallas
Independent School District are given the first
slots in rank order if they score a qualifying
minimum score of 75% or above
• If any openings exist after this process, out-ofdistrict students are accepted in rank order upon
approval by the district (Approximately 20% of
the students are out-of-district)
• BTWHSPVA has reciprocity with other performing
arts schools in the Arts Schools Network
Support Organizations
Arts Magnet Advisory Board
– Capital Campaign, Endowments
– Programmatic Support
• Equipment, Technology, Learning Labs with Arts
Partners, Master Classes, Consultants, Mentoring
• Learning Labs
– Scholarships
– Staff Development
Support Organizations
PTSA (100% membership)
• Raising $65,000.00/year for programmatic support and
• Student Support
• Faculty Support
• Volunteer Support
ARTS Guilds in Dance, Music, Theatre, & Visual Arts are the
“Booster Clubs” for the Arts
• Raising funds for the specific department
• Volunteer Support
College Showcase
• Annual Event showcasing seniors in each art
• Results in scholarship offers in the arts and
academics of $23.5 million dollars to a
graduating class of 200 students
• Sponsored by a grant from the Junior League
of Dallas (also provides volunteer support
throughout the school year)
BTWHSPVA Ranks High in
US News & World Report
• Over 21,000 schools in the US
• BTWHSPVA ranked 110th
• In the top ½ of 1% in the nation
Arts Partnerships
AT & T Performing Arts Center
Dallas Theatre Center
Dallas Symphony Center
Dallas Museum of Art
Nasher Sculpture Center
Crow Asian Art Museum
Where Do Our Graduates Go?
The Juilliard School
Berkley School of Music
Boston Conservatory
New York University Tisch School of the Arts
New England Conservatory
California Institute of the Arts
All schools in Texas
What is expected of Administrators?
• Strong Leadership Qualities
• A Keen Understanding of Right and Left
Brained Faculty and Students
• Great Communicator and Facilitator with all
constituent groups
• Strong Work Ethic
• Knowledge of giftedness in the academics and
the arts (both faculty and students)
• Consistent
Qualifications for FACULTY
• Top educator in academics and/or the arts
• Academic teachers must be able to teach
artists and extremely gifted and passionate
• Arts teachers must be artist/educators who
are able to support the academic rigor and
reinforce higher-order thinking concepts with

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