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The Graduate Student
Sumedh Warudkar
President, Graduate Student Association
Rice Administrators Forum
Tuesday, 13th September, 2011
What is the Graduate Student Association?
• The Graduate Student Association (GSA) of Rice University is the
inclusive governing body of all Rice students enrolled in a graduatelevel degree program.
• The Graduate Student Association (GSA) comprises of all degree
seeking graduate students at Rice University.
• The GSA mission is to enrich the graduate student experience and
to represent, support, and promote graduate student interests and
• An integral and essential part of the Rice community, the GSA
provides programs and services aiding in recruitment and
retention of graduate students, represents graduate student interests
to the University administration, and builds a strong sense of
community both on and off campus.
A little about the GSA…
Governing body of all students
engaged in graduate-level degree
Started in 1969, into its 43rd year
Consists of two levels – the GSA
Council which is made up voting
representatives of various
graduate degree programs and
an officers panel elected by the
GSA Council
Annual operating budget ~$80,000 (Each student
contributes $21/semester)
University Administration
Dean of Graduate and
Postdoctoral Studies
Graduate Student
Graduate Student
Association Officers
GSA Council
(Department Reps)
Graduate Students
The GSA Officers (2011-12)
• Sumedh Warudkar, President, Chemical Engineering
• Kenneth Evans, Vice-President for Internal Affairs, Applied
• Clark Needham, Vice-President for External Affairs,
• Emily Breazeale, Treasurer, Jones School (MBA)
• Anne Hellebust, Secretary, Bioengineering
• Erin O’Brien, Community Service Chair, Biochemistry & Cell
• Gabriel Ceriotti, Graduate Lounge Manager, Chemistry
• Varun Shenoy, Historian, Chemical Engineering
• Corinne Allen, Parliamentarian, Psychology
• Sravani G, Publicity & Marketing Co-chair, Chemical Engineering
• Michael ‘GOAT’ Domeracki, Publicity & Marketing Co-chair,
Religious Studies
What does the GSA do?
University Governance
Social and Recreational
Funding Grants for Graduate Clubs and Organizations
Career and Professional Development
Community Outreach
International Students
Recognition and Awards
We are the voice of graduate students…
• Represent graduate students on Graduate Council
(consists of Dean Sanders & faculty from various departments)
• Participate on University Standing Committees
• Provide inputs on infrastructure development
• Participate in selection of candidates for important
university positions (e.g. Deans, CCD Director, etc.)
• Work with various departments (e.g. Housing and
Dining) to advocate policies and provision of resources
beneficial to graduates
We foster professional and career development
of graduate students…
Center for Career Development
– GSA-CCD Final Fridays
– GSA-CCD Workshops on Career
Development and Job Search
Graduate and Postdoctoral
– Teaching Workshops facilitated
by Graduate and Postdoctoral
Student Association
– SA/GSA Research Mixer
– How to apply to graduate
Other Schools
– Networking mixers with Baylor
College of Medicine and Jones
School (MBA) students
We help graduate students socialize…
We help graduate students to compete in
sports and stay healthy…
We also give a bit back to the community…
A number of us are internationals.. We try to
engage them..
4 out of 11 GSA officers
are Internationals
Recognition and Awards
• GSA Faculty Teaching/Mentoring Award
– Recipients are selected based on demonstrated commitment to graduate education
on teaching graduate students at Rice.
• GSA Faculty/Staff Service Award
– Recipients are selected in recognition of efforts beyond the call of duty to improve
the quality of life for graduate students at Rice.
• Friends of Rice Graduate Students
– Recipients are selected in recognition of individuals who have significantly
enhanced the lives of graduate students at Rice University in some way.
• GSA Service Award
– Recipients are selected based on contribution of time, effort, and devoted service to
the cause of improving graduate student life and education at Rice.
• Robert Lowry Patten Award
– The Robert Lowry Patten awards, funded by an endowment, are intended to honor
graduate students who might NOT have been honored for their service and
achievements on behalf of graduate students.
Looking Ahead
• Engage Rice alumni – both undergraduate
and graduate alumni with graduate students
• Continue focus on Professional and
Career Development
• Bid to host the Southcentral Regional
Conference for National Association for
Graduate and Professional Students
• Initiate a GSA Leadership Lecture
(Based on the popular PHD Comics)
October 7th, 7:15 pm
Academic (Central) Quadrangle
All Staff and Faculty are invited
How to reach us
GSA Council Meetings
3rd Tuesday, each month, Graduate Lounge
[email protected]

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