Acetyl-CoA Carboxylase-A New Target in the Fight against Obesity

Acetyl-CoA Carboxylase-A
New Target in the Fight
against Obesity
Naida Idrizovic
What is
 Obesity is a chronic disease with
excessive body fat. This is a
leading disease of the 21st
century in the U.S.
 Obesity is determined by the
body mass index(BMI).
 Diseases that are caused from
Obesity is type 2 diabetes, high
cholesterol, heart failure,
disability and more.
 Having a skinny body doesn’t mean that
A person is healthy. It means that the
person has a low BMI but may carry
lots of body fat.
 Family member who died from heart disease.
 You can still be slim and not workout, but not
exercising will have an impact on healthy life.
 Eating junk food can prevent your body from
absorbing vitamins and nutrients.
Malonyl-CoA is important!
 Malonyl-coA is important because it has two
functions in metabolism.
 1. Plays a role in fatty-acid synthesis
 2. Inhibits carnitine palmitoyltransferase I for fattyacid oxidation to occur.
 In the cytosol Malonyl-CoA determines if the fattyacid will be oxidized or if it will just store fats
Acetyl-coA carboxylase
 Carboxylase is an enzyme that comes in two
isoforms and are encoded by different genes. This
enzyme produces Malonyl-CoA carboxyalse.
 1. ACC1- is in the liver and adipose tissue
 2. ACC2- is in the skeletal muscle and cardiac
Experiment on ACC1 and ACC2
ACC1 and ACC2 are the main enzymes in lipid
metabolism. An experiment was conducted using
mice to analyze the enzymes further and to compare
ACC1 and ACC2.After the experiment was complete,
the conclusion was that ACC2 played a role in
decreasing intracellular fatty acids when glucose
activates ACC2.
AMP-dependent protein Kinase
Amp-dependent protein kinase is a negative target
for insulin and type 2 diabetes.
ACC2 is inactivated by the enzyme AMPK. This
becomes resistant to insulin ,and it increases fatty
There is a connection between AC2 and AMPK. By
activating the AMPK there is an increase in glucose
and fatty acid oxidation.
Conclusion! =)
In conclusion ACC2 reduce fatty acid synthesis
and removes the block on carnitine
palmitoyltransferase 1. Due to this it
decreases body weight. This is why it
is believed that ACC2 would be a great
target for drugs used to fight obesity.
M. Campbell and S. Farrell Biochemistry book 7th edition

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