The Risale-i Nur Collection

A Manavi Miracle of The Qur`an in this Age
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..Through the light of belief, man
rises to the highest of the high and
acquires a value worthy of Paradise.
And through the darkness of
unbelief, he descends to the lowest
of the low and falls to a position fit
for Hell... (23rd Word)
..If they do not secure the document of belief, they will lose. And this age, many
are losing the case because of the plague of materialism. One of the diviners
of reality and investigators of truth observed in one place that out
of forty people who died, only a few won; the others lost... (11th Ray)
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Risale-i Nur strengthens the Belief by
feeding both the heart and the mind, so
that Man rises to a high level of true
Belief, “Iman-i tahkiki”. Satan can not
capture this Belief at “sakarat”, because
it had already been taken root within
the depths of the heart !
Subjects are always proved in Risale-i Nur with
informative evidences through a modern
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The greatest Reaility in the universe is
‘Belief’ and then ‘Namaz’ (Prayer)
Why are we praying, what is the
meaning of ‘Namaz’ (Salat)?
What is the wisdom in the specified
times of the five daily prayers ? (9th
The prayers are fine, but to perform
them every single day five times is
excessive. Since they never end, it
becomes wearying ? (21st Word)
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Ibn-i Sina, a genious philosopher said
“We believe in Akhirat, but mind
cannot go on this way.”
Belief of Resurrection and the
Hereafter is convinced with proof in
Risale-i Nur, biiznillah .
Is it at all possible that in any kingdom, and particularly so splendid a
kingdom as this, there should be no reward for those who serve obediently
and no punishment for those who rebel? Reward and punishment are
virtually non-existent here; there must therefore be a Supreme Tribunal
somewhere else. (10th Word)
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Comparison between the sacred wisdom of
the All-Wise Qur'an and the wisdom of
philosophy and science, and a concise
summary of the instruction and training
which Qur'anic wisdom gives to man in his
personal life and social life. (12th Word)
How to save the life in Hereafter ? (13th
The Air: A window onto the Divine Unity
(13th Word)
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Eleven years before this treatise was written in
the month of Ramadan, I was listening to the
Qur'an being recited in Beyazit Mosque
in Istanbul. Suddenly, although I could not see
anyone, I seemed to hear an unearthly voice
which captured all my attention. I listened with
my imagination, and realized that it was saying
to me:
"You consider the Qur'an to be extremely elevated and brilliant. Be
unbiased for a minute and consider it again. That is, suppose it to be man's
word. I wonder whether you would still see the same qualities and beauty in
it?“ (15th Word)
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If you wish, come! Let us go to Arabian Peninsula, to
the Era of Bliss! In our imaginations we shall see him
at his duties and visit him. Look! We see a person
distinguished by his fine character and beautiful
form. In his hand is a miraculous book and on his
tongue, a truthful address; he is delivering a preeternal sermon to all mankind, indeed, to man, jinn,
and the angels, and to all beings.
He solves and expounds the strange riddle of the mystery of the world's creation;
he discovers and solves the abstruse talisman which is the mystery of the universe;
and he provides convincing and satisfying answers to the three awesome and
difficult questions that are asked of all beings and have always bewildered and
occupied minds: "Where do you come from? What are you doing here? What is
your destination?“ (19th Word)
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You know that a small habit like cigarette
smoking among a small nation can be removed
permanently only by a powerful ruler with great
effort. But look! This Being removed numerous
ingrained habits from intractable, fanatical large
nations with slight outward power and little
effort in a short period of time, and in their
place he so established exalted qualities that
they became as firm as if they had mingled with
their very blood.
He achieved very many extraordinary feats like this. Thus, we present the
Arabian Peninsula as a challenge to those who refuse to see the testimony of
the blessed age of the Prophet. Let them each take a hundred philosophers, go
there, and strive for a hundred years; would they be able to carry out in that
time one hundredth of what he achieved in a year? (19th Word)
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The miracles of the other Messengers (Peace
be upon them) all indicate a wonder of
human art or craft, and Adam's (Peace be
upon him) miracle indicates in concise form,
besides the bases of those crafts, the index of
the sciences and branches of knowledge, and
of the wonders and perfections, and urges
man towards them.
As for the Qur'an of Miraculous Exposition, the supreme miracle of Muhammad
(PBUH), since it shows in detail the reality of the teaching of the Names, it points
clearly to the true goal of the sciences and branches of knowledge, which are
truth and reality, as well as the perfections, attainments, and happiness of this
world and the next. (20th Word)
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THE QUR'AN is the pre-eternal translator of the
mighty Book of the Universe; the post-eternal
interpreter of the various tongues reciting the verses
of creation; the commentator of the book of the
Worlds of the Seen and the Unseen; the revealer of
the treasuries of the Divine Names hidden in the
heavens and on the earth; the key to the truths
concealed beneath the lines of events;
the tongue of the Unseen World in the Manifest World; the treasury of the posteternal favours of the Most Merciful and of the pre-eternal addresses of the Most
Holy, which come from the World of the Unseen beyond the veil of this Manifest
World; it is the sun, foundation, and plan of the spiritual world of Islam; the
sacred map of the worlds of the hereafter; the expounding word, lucid
exposition, decisive proof, and clear interpreter of the Divine Essence,
attributes, Names, and functions; it is the instructor of the world of humanity;
the light and water of Islam… (25th Word)
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And the mountains [its] pegs (Quran, 78:7)
An ordinary person's share,
A poet's share,
A tent-dwelling literary man's share ,
A geographer`s share,
Share of a sociologist and philosopher of
human society,
Share of a scholar of natural science
(25th Word)
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Divine Determining specified that so-and-so's
death would occur through the man's rifle. If you
suppose that he did not fire the rifle, then you are
supposing that Divine Determining had no
connection with it, so with what would you decree
his death? If you imagine cause and effect to be
separate like the Jabriyya, or you deny Divine
Determining like the Mu'tazila, you leave
the Sunni School and join the heretics.
We people of truth say: "If he had not fired the rifle, we do not know if he
would have died." The Jabariyya say: "If he had not fired it, he still would
have died." While the Mu'tazila say: "If he had not fired it, he would not
have died.“ (26th Word)
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In winter when the storms are fierce even small
holes are blocked up, and it is in no way reasonable
to open up new doors. Under the onslaught of a
mighty flood, to make openings in the wall in
order to repair it leads to being drowned. In just
the same way, at this time of denial and the assault
of the customs of Europe and the legion of
innovations and the destruction of misguidance,
to open up new doors in the citadel of Islam in the
name of ijtihad, and make openings that will be
the means of those bent on destruction scaling the
walls and entering it, is a crime against Islam.
(27th Word)
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The truth is one; how can the different ordinances of
the four and twelve schools be true?
The Answer: The same water governs in five
different ways in five ill people of different
disposition, thus: for one, the water is a cure for his
illness, and according to medicine, necessary. For
another, it is like poison for his sickness and
harmful, and medically prohibited. For another, it
causes a small amount of harm, and is reprehensible
For another the water is beneficial and without harm; according to
medicine that is sunna for him. And for yet another it is neither harmful
nor beneficial; he can drink it with good health, and for him it is medically
permissible. Thus, here the truth has become numerous; all five are true.
Are you able to say: "The water is only a cure, only necessary, and it
governs in no other way?“ (27th Word)
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There are some narrations which say: "At a time
when innovations are rife, some of the righteous
from among the believers and those who fear
Allah will be on a level with the Companions, or
of even greater virtue." Are these narrations
sound? And if so, what is their true meaning?
(27th Word)
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The descriptions of the Qur'an's verses about
Paradise, which are more beautiful
than Paradise, more lovely than the houris, and
sweeter than the water of Salsabil, leave nothing
to be said about it so that anyone should say it.
However, in order to bring closer to the
understanding those shining, pre-eternal, posteternal, elevated and exquisite verses, we shall
mention a number of steps, and, as samples of
that Qur'anic Paradise, a number of fine points
which are like samples of its flowers.
(28th Word)
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Indeed, a species of the spirit beings and
angels is present in every aspect, in every
sphere, of the universe, each charged with
a duty of worship. It may be said
according to both the narrations of
Hadiths and the wisdom in the order of
the world that from lifeless planets and
stars to raindrops, all are ships or vehicles
for a kind of angel. The angels mount
these vehicles with Divine permission and
travel observing the Manifest World; they
represent their praise and glorification
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We did indeed offer the Trust to the heavens, and the
earth, and the mountains; but they refused to
undertake it being afraid thereof. But man assumed it;
indeed, he is most unjust, most foolish.
(Qur'an, 33:72)
Just as the 'I' is the key to the Divine Names, which are hidden treasures, so is it
the key to the locked talisman of creation; it is a problem-solving riddle, a
wondrous talisman. When its nature is known, both the 'I' itself, that strange
riddle, that amazing talisman, is disclosed, and it discloses the talisman of the
universe and the treasures of the Necessary World. We have discussed this
problem as follows in my Arabic treatise, Şemme (Intimations). (30th Word)
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The transformation of particles are the
vibrations and wanderings that occur while
the signs of creation are being written in
the book of the universe by the pen of
power of the Pre-Eternal Inscriber. They
are not games of chance and jumbled
meaningless motion like the Materialists
and Naturalists fancy. For like all beings,
every particle says "In the Name of Allah"
at the start of its motion, and it raises loads
infinitely exceeding its strength.
(30th Word)
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Almighty Allah is closer to him than his
jugular vein3 He is closer to everything than
anything else. He is free of and beyond
corporeality and space. However, all the
saints are able to converse with Him in their
hearts, so why was the Saint, Muhammad
(PBUH), successful in holding an inward
conversation with Allah that any saint may
do in his heart, only after and as a result of a
long journey like the Ascension? (31st Word)
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Allah willing, this Thirty-Third Letter of ThirtyThree Windows will bring to belief those without
belief, strengthen the belief of those whose belief
is weak, make certain the belief of those whose
belief is strong but imitative, give greater breadth
to the belief of those whose belief is certain, lead
to progress in knowledge of Allah—the basis and
means of all true perfection— for those whose
belief has breadth, and open up more brilliant
vistas for them. (33rd Word)
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And the sun runs its course to a place appointed, that
is the determining of the Almighty, the All-Knowing.
The universe's lamp, the sun, forms a window onto
the existence and unity of the universe's Maker that
is as brilliant and luminous as the sun itself. Indeed,
despite their great differences with regard to size,
position, and speed, the twelve planets including
our globe known as the solar system are in motion
and revolve with perfect order and wisdom and
perfect balance without a second's confusion, and are
bound to the sun through a Divine law known as
gravity, that is, they follow their leader as though in
prayer. (33rd Word)
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…the four elements of water, air, fire, and earth,
together with the animal, vegetable, and mineral
kingdoms, making seven levels and realms; also the
seven realms of the earth verified by those who
uncover the secrets of creation and the people of
witnessing, who are very numerous, their testimony
that they are the worlds and habitations of jinns,
demons, and other various sentient and living
creatures; also the seven levels indicating that
seven further globes exist resembling our globe,
and that they are the dwelling places of living
creatures – from these indications it has been
understood from verses of the Qur’an that the earth too
has seven levels. (12th Flash)
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The Sunnis say: “‘Ali (May Allah be pleased with hi
m) was the fourth of the Rightly-Guided Caliphs.
Abu Bakr the Veracious (May Allah be pleased with
him) was superior to him and was more deserving
of the Caliphate, therefore it passed to him first.”
While the Shi‘ites say: “It was ‘Ali’s right.
An injustice was done to him. ‘Ali was the most
worthy of the mall.”
They say: “The Hadiths of the Prophet (UWBP) about ‘Ali, and with his title
of King of Sainthood his being the recognized authority of the vast majority
of the saints and spiritual paths, and his extraordinary knowledge, courage,
and worship, and the Prophet’s (Upon whom be blessings and peace)
intense concern for him and towards his descendants all show that he was
the most worthy. The Caliphate was always his right; it was seized from him.”
(4th Flash)
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“Whoever adheres to my practices (Sunna)
when my community is corrupted shall
receive the reward of a hundred martyrs.
How can there be courtesy in the face of the
Knower of All Things, who sees and knows
everything and from whom nothing can be
hidden? Situations which cause shame or
embarrasment cannot be concealed from Him.
One sort of courtesy is covering the necessary
members and veiling distasteful situations.
But nothing can be hidden from the sight of the
Knower of All Things. (11th Word)
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Since the sustenance of all living creatures is
guaranteed by the Sustainer, none should
die of hunger.
Whereas apparently many do die of it and of
lack of food. (12th Flash)
He created the earth like the seven heavens, and made it a dwelling place
for His creatures.” It does not say: I created it in seven levels. Its being
similar is in regard to createdness and being the habitation of creatures.
(12th Flash)
Malaysia-Turkey Cultural Association
Although evil spirits do not interfere
in the universe in any way in regard to
creation; and through His mercy and
favour Almighty Allah takes the part of
the people of truth; and the attractive
beauties and virtues of truth and reality
strengthen and encourage the people
of truth, and the repulsive ugliness of
misguidance revolts the people of
misguidance; what is the reason for Satan’
s party very often gaining the upper
hand; what is the wisdom in it? And why
should the people of truth always seek
refuge with Allah from Satan’s evil?
(13th Flash)
Malaysia-Turkey Cultural Association
Atheists who have deviated from the true path of
religion have made objections and criticisms
concerning the time of rain falling and nature
of the embryos in the womb from among “the five
hidden things.” They have said: “Instruments in the
observatory can discover when rain is to fall,
so someone other than Allah knows. Also the sex of
embryos can be learnt by means of X-rays.
This means it is possible to learn “the five hidden
things.” (16th Letter)
The Qur'an was revealed for man, so why does it not describe the wonders
of civilization explicitly, for they have the greatest importance in his eyes? Why
does it suffice with secret signs, concealed allusions, slight indications, and slender
reminders?“ (20th Word)
Malaysia-Turkey Cultural Association
“The hojas say that the earth rests on a bull and a fish,
but geography sees it hanging in space and travelling
like a star. There is neither bull nor fish?” (14th Flash)
An explanation of the Unity of Existence.
(Vahdat-ul Vucud) In one of the Flashes of the
Thirty-First Letter there is a very powerful and
elucidating answer to Muhyiddin’s ideas
concerning this matter. (28th Flash)
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In consequence of this mystery we shall now imagi
ne two mouthfuls. One consists of nutritious food like
cheese and egg and costs forty para, and the other
is of the choicest pastries and costs ten kurush. Before
entering the mouth, there is no difference in these
two mouthfuls with respect to the body, they are
And after passing down the throat, they are still equiva
lent in nourishing the body. Indeed, forty paras’
worth of cheese is sometimes more nutritious.
Only, in regard to pampering the sense of taste in the m
outh, there is a half-minute difference. You can see
from this what a meaningless and harmful waste it is
to increase the cost from forty para to ten kurush for th
e sake of half a minute. (19th Flash)
Malaysia-Turkey Cultural Association
You should seek divine pleasure in your actions. If
Almighty Allah is pleased, it is of no importance
if the whole world even is displeased. If He accepts
an action and everyone else rejects it, their rejection
has no effect. Once His pleasure has been gained
and He has accepted an action, even if you do not
ask it of Him, should He wish it and His wisdom
requires it, He will make others accept it. He will
make them consent to it too. For this reason, to seek
divine pleasure should be the sole aim in this
service. (21st Flash)
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O man! You should be aware that there are certain
phrases which are commonly used and imply
unbelief. The believers also use them, but without
realizing their implications. We shall explain three of
the most important of them.
The First: “Causes create this.”
The Second: “It forms itself; it comes into existence
and later ceases to exist.”
The Third: “It is natural; nature necessitates and
creates it.” (23rd Flash)
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In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the
Compassionate. O Prophet! Tell your wives
and daughters, and the believing women,
that they should cast their outer garments
over their persons [when abroad].(33:59)
This verse enjoins the veiling of women. However,
dissolute civilization opposes
this command of the Qur’an; it does not consider
the veiling of women to be natural and says it is
slavery of a sort. (24th Flash)
Malaysia-Turkey Cultural Association
O sick person who thinks of the hereafter! Sick
ness washes away the dirt of sins like soap, and
cleanses. It is established in a sound Hadith
that illnesses are atonement for sins.
And in another Hadith, it says: “As ripe fruits
fall on their tree being shaken, so the sins of
a believer fall away on his shaking with illness.
(25th Flash)
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Yes, respected elderly men and women who feel
their old age like I do! We are departing,
there is no use in deceiving ourselves.
Even if we close our eyes to it, we will not remain
here. There is a mobilization.
The land of the Intermediate Realm, which appears
to us to be dark and full of separation due to the
gloomy delusions which arise from heedlessness
and in part from the people of misguidance, is the
meeting-place of friends. It is the world where
we shall meet with foremost Allah’s Beloved
(Upon whom be blessings and peace),
and with all our friends. (26th Flash)
Malaysia-Turkey Cultural Association
Ism-i Kuddus
Ism-i Adl
Ism-i Hakem
Ism-i Ferd
Ism-i Hayy
Ism-i Kayyum
Malaysia-Turkey Cultural Association
Is Khidr alive? If he is alive, why do some
leading religious scholars not accept it?
Where is Hell?
Passing (mecazî) love for things can be
transformed into true love, so can the
passing love most people have for this world
also be transformed into true love?
(1st Letter)
“Like the dissemblers in early times, the misguided of modern times make
the marriage of Allah’s Messenger (Upon whom be blessings and peace)
with Zaynab a pretext for criticism, considering it was intended to satisfy
the lusts of the soul.” (7th Letter)
A Letter of Condolence On the Death of a Child (17th Letter)
Malaysia-Turkey Cultural Association
The Clear Book and the Clear Record are
mentioned in many places in the All- Wise
Qur’an. Some Qur’anic commentators said they
are the same, while others said they are different.
(Imam-i Mubin & Kitab-i Mubin?)
Where will the Great Gathering and Last
Judgement take place? (Hasir)
What wisdom does it spring from, Adam (Upon
whom be peace) being expelled from Paradise
and some of mankind, the sons of Adam, being
sent to Hell? What was the reason for it?
Almighty Allah sends calamities and inflicts tribulations; isn’t this an
injustice towards the innocent in particular, and animals even? (12th Letter)
Malaysia-Turkey Cultural Association
Why didn’t the Companions discover the trouble
makers with the eye of
sainthood, with the result that three of the four
Rightly-Guided Caliphs were martyred? For it is said
that even the lesser Companions were greater than
the greatest saints?
What was the true nature of the wars that started in
the time of ‘Ali (May Allah be pleased with him)?
What should we call those who took part in them,
and those who died and those who killed?
What was the wisdom in the tragically cruel treatment those blessed persons
(Hz. Hasan & Hz. Huseyin) received? (15th Letter)
Malaysia-Turkey Cultural Association
The Old Said of nine or ten years ago was
involved in politics to a degree; indeed,
thinking he would serve religion and
learning by means of politics, he was
wearied for nothing. He saw that it is a
dangerous way which is dubious and full of
difficulties, and for me superfluous as well as
forming an obstacle to the most necessary
duties. It is mostly lies and may be exploited
by foreigners without one being aware of it.
(16th Letter)
Euzu billahi minesseytani ves-siyaset
Malaysia-Turkey Cultural Association
The Books of other prophets include names in
Syriac and Hebrew that correspond to the
various names of the Noble Messenger (UWBP),
such as Muhammad, Ahmad, Mukhtar. For example,
in the scriptures of the Prophet Shu‘ayb, his name is
“Mushaffah,” and means Muhammad.
In the Torah, he is mentioned as “Munhamanna,” which again means
Muhammad, and as “Himyata,” which means the Prophet of al-Haram. In the
Psalms, he is called “al-Mukhtar.” Again in the Torah, the name is “al-Hatam alKhatam.” Both in the Torah and in the Psalms, it is “Muqim al-Sunna,”
in the scriptures of Abraham and in the Torah, he is mentioned as
“Mazmaz” and again in the Torah, as “Ahyad.” (19th Letter)
Malaysia-Turkey Cultural Association
Dispute and discord among the believers,
and partisanship, obstinacy and envy,
leading to rancour and enmity among
them, are repugnant and vile, are harmful
and sinful, by the combined testimony of
wisdom and the supreme humanity that is
Islam, for personal, social, and spiritual life.
They are in short, poison for the life of man.
We will set forth six of the extremely
numerous aspects of this truth.
(22nd Letter)
Malaysia-Turkey Cultural Association
One day a number of bright youths came to me,
seeking an effective deterrent in order to guard
themselves against the dangers arising from life,
youth, and the lusts of the soul. Like I had told
those who had previously sought help from the
Risale-i Nur, I also said to these youths:
Your youth will definitely leave you, and if you do
not remain within the sphere of the licit, it will be
lost, and rather than its pleasures, it will bring you
calamities and suffering in this world, in the grave,
and in the Hereafter. But if, with Islamic training,
you spend the bounty of your youth as thanks
honorably, in uprightness and obedience, it will in
effect remain perpetually and will be the cause of
gaining eternal youth. (13th Word)
Malaysia-Turkey Cultural Association
There is a great conflagration in front of me, the
flames of which are touching the skies. My children
are burning in it. My belief has caught fire too, and
is burning. I am racing to put out the fire and save
my belief. If someone wants to hold me up on the
way, or I trip on him, what importance has it? What
importance has such a minor incident in the face of
that conflagration? Narrow minds! Narrow views!"
Badiuzzaman Said Nursi (1876-1960)
Malaysia-Turkey Cultural Association
Malaysia-Turkey Cultural Association

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