Analysis & Errors Resolution
SAP SCM Senior Consultant
INSEAD MDS P3 – N. Buzoi, L. Fantini, P. Hoett, J. Nord
SAP SCM Overview
January 2011
 Introduction
 Queue
Inbound and Outbound queues
 Livecache
Consistency Check
post-processing (SCM 5.x & SCM7.x)
 Useful
SAP SCM Overview
transactions reminder
 The
SAP APO Core Interface (CIF) is part of the SAP R/3 Plug-In. It allows the exchange
of data between SAP APO and SAP R/3
 Only
the data objects needed in SAP APO 's must be transferred from SAP R/3's data set
 Once
the CIF is set up, the data elements can be sent from SAP R/3 to SAP APO either
periodically by batch, or in real time. Data can also be sent periodically or on demand
from SAP APO to SAP R/3
 Whereas
the interface is a standard integration between these two SAP solutions, there
are often errors which can block this interface
 You will find in this document insights on how to use the main transactions to
analyze and solve these errors and many examples of errors and way to solve them
SAP SCM Overview
Queue manager
Transaction Code: /SAPAPO/CQ - SCM Queue Manager
Menu Path: SAP Menu  Tools APO Administration  Integration  Monitor 
/SAPAPO/CQ- SCM Queue Manager
This transaction in SAP APO enables you to check the local system as well as all connected
systems. The output queues are sorted per publishing type (for example, in-house production,
planned independent requirement, planning file entry, and so on).
With the SCM Queue Manager you can check outbound queues in your own or in a connected
system and analyze and correct errors if necessary. The advantage compared to the qRFC
Monitor is that the SCM Manager is more user friendly (see RFC Inbound&outbound queues
chapter for more detail)
SAP SCM Overview
Queue manager
Input all inbound and outbound systems in 1), and then click 2)
SAP SCM Overview
Queue manager
 You then
enter this screen:
On the left menu, you can see the error messages concerning SAP APO or SAP R/3 system, with
the type of error specified.
“ APOCLIENT1” relates to APO inbound flows: data coming in APO system having some errors
“ APOCLIENT1” relates to APO outbound flows: data coming out of APO to R/3 having some errors
SAP SCM Overview
Queue manager: examples
Error message
Pegging area for material A
location LOC1 not available
Message description
There is a missing transportation line for this product
This error can come from the fact that the component has no active
integration model:
 Check in transaction CFM5 if there is an active model for this
Component B in location LOC1
product*location. If not, then check in transaction CFM2 the
not planned
last time the model of such components*location should have
been activated, and look why it was not done for this
SAP SCM Overview
Useful transactions reminder
Transactions detailed in this document:
All SCM versions
/SAPAPO/CQ – Queue manager
/SAPAPO/CCR – CIF Compare/reconcile
SMQ1 - qRFC Monitor (Outbound Queue)
SMQ2 - qRFC Monitor (Inbound Queue)
/SAPAPO/OM17 – Livecache consistency check
As of version SCM 5.0
/SAPAPO/CPP1 - CIF Postprocessing: Multiple Call
/SAPAPO/CPP2 - Display CIF Postprocessing Records
/SAPAPO/CPPR - Reorganize (delete) old Post-processing records
SAP SCM Overview

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