Hilti. Outperform. Outlast.
Founded in 1941, world leader in the construction
tool business, located in more than 120 countries
on 5 continents, 22’000 team members, direct
selling company, 200’000 customer contacts per
day, more than 30 innovations per year, one of
the largest SAP ERP single instance
implementation in the world, 3 Strategic IT
Locations (Kuala Lumpur, Buchs/Schaan,
Tulsa) and the opportunity to develop into global
– This is Hilti
Hilti Asia IT Services (HAITS) in Kuala
Lumpur, provides IT services, solutions and
supports to more than 120 countries. We are
seeking for highly motivated candidates (internship
and permanent) with the potential to learn fast and
develop into IT expert / IT leadership roles. We will
support your long-term career by offering you
comprehensive training in Asia as well as in
Divisions @ HAITS, Kuala Lumpur
Process Competence Center
• Supply Chain Management
• Market Reach
• E-Commerce
• Information Management
• Product Portfolio Management
• Finance and Controlling
Hybris, Java
• Client and Collaboration
• Network and Voice Services
• IT Infra-structure
• Infra-structure Platform Services
• Application Platform Services
SAP Basis, Oracle, Linux, Ms ClientServer, Virtualization, Cloud, Backup,
On Demand On Device
• Mobile Apps
• SAP ByDesign
IT Operations
iOS, Android, Cloud, SAP
ByDesign, Monitoring
We are growing our team in HAITS
from 60 to 110 by 2016. We welcome
international students. Interested
applicants, please send resume to:
[email protected]
Bachelor Degree in IT (CGPA ≥ 3.5)
Masters or Ph.D degree is an advantage
Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply
Creativity, willingness to embrace new ideas
Good in English (verbally and written)
High commitment and self-responsibility
Hilti Asia IT Services Sdn. Bhd.
Dr. Nithiapidary Muthuvelu I Tel: +603 5021 5576 I Fax: +603 7491 0255 I Email: [email protected]
Description of the IT Divisions
Product Portfolio Management
We revolutionize our Product Marketing Data Management and Publishing (PDP) processes and systems. We
revamp the way Hilti uses product data for print, online and mobile marketing. We design and manage
specifications in close co-operation with partners in Global IT, business and vendors. We also ensure the
Product Information Management systems are well integrated into our SAP ERP landscape.
Supply Chain Management
We leverage SAP products to accomplish business objectives in Supply Chain Management (SCM) to more
than 50 Hilti organizations worldwide. It is based on the Supply Chain Process Model of Hilti by delivering
solutions which are able to streamline and optimize Hilti’s end-to-end Supply Chain Network.
Market Reach - E-Commerce
We focus on reaching out to the market by providing top notch IT solutions to our customers. The ecommerce solutions available for our customers:
• e-B2B or e-Procurement: 1:1 system integration with customers to automate order process
• Hilti Online: A Webshop where customers buy our products and services
Market Reach
We focus on reaching out to the market by providing top notch IT solutions to the sales force and sales
channels in enabling them to achieve greater business results.
Information Management
We deal with data and processes. Data tells us story about our customers, our business and our
Finance and Controlling
We support one of the largest SAP ERP single instance implementations in the world. We work with
professional and international teams.
• External accounting
• Financial statement
• Legal requirement
• Standard
• Internal accounting
• Cost accounting
• Management accounting
• Different valuation
• Flexibility
IT Operations
We safeguard Hilti’s business critical SAP and non-SAP applications by identifying and proactively ensuring
reliable and high-performing end-to-end processes. When working in “Ops”, you will be the “Ears and Eyes”
of our IT critical production systems.
Application Platform Services
We manage different platform technologies and software and form the heart of the Hilti Global System
Ecosystem - enabling Hilti’s business via different IT platforms (SAP, Microsoft SQL Server, Cloud Web
Services, RedHat, Oracle, UC4). We are highly competent to dive deeply into technology issues. We take
Hilti’s business strategy and define an IT systems architecture to support the strategy.
Hilti Asia IT Services Sdn. Bhd.
Dr. Nithiapidary Muthuvelu I Tel: +603 5021 5576 I Fax: +603 7491 0255 I Email: [email protected]
Description of the IT Divisions
SAP ByDesign
SAP Business ByDesign (ByD) is a cloud-based ERP system with built-in business analytics and best practices.
SAP Business ByDesign is Hilti’s next-generation enterprise platform. In a co-innovation project with SAP, Hilti
is developing integrated and automated business processes across the borders of SAP ECC and ByD. With this
innovative project, Hilti is right now driving the future of cross-ERP business processes together with Hilti’s
Mobile Apps
With the newest technology, we are able to provide real-time information to our customers and our sales
force. By using the native framework of Google (Android) and Apple (iOS) we develop Mobile Apps. On the
back-end site, we connect to cloud based services and our SAP ERP system. Besides the development, mobile
apps team members are embedded in a team of designers and business counterparts, which are located all
over the world. Therefore, we also expect the ability to design an app, access the business value and take
over responsibility in global roll-out.
Client and Collaboration
We provide services and tools to work smarter as one global team together with our partners (e.g. Office 365,
software and hardware standardization). We are an international team of IT experts, providing reliable and
agile IT solutions to our business partners to increase the productivity. We evaluate hardware and software
on latest technology, standardize and deploy solutions to all Hilti Market Organizations over the globe and
support them in collaborating with partners.
Infrastructure Platform Services
Meet the challenges of server and backup technologies in the environment of one of the largest and most
innovative multinational companies. Experience in Wintel or Linux or backup will be an added advantage.
Infrastructure Specialist
Meet the challenges of a global multinational company using latest technologies. We optimize IT processes
and services to enhance user experience. We maintain technical skills, learn and grow with IT technology
deployed at Hilti.
Network and Voice Services
Interested in global telecommunication solutions, firewalls, routers and switches, video conferencing, or
VoIP? Interested in working as a team across Hilti’s strategic IT locations as well as with counterparts in local,
regional and global business teams?
Hilti Asia IT Services Sdn. Bhd.
Dr. Nithiapidary Muthuvelu I Tel: +603 5021 5576 I Fax: +603 7491 0255 I Email: [email protected]

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