iLabs Solution: A Proposal for a Core Management System

iLab Solutions:
Core Management System
Research Advisory Forum
April 10, 2014
What is iLab?
• Web-based research service core
management tool
• System helps core staff manage orders, record
utilization, and bill for services
• Each core receives its own web page
• Each iLab core is managed by the individual
core administration
Why iLab?
• The RFA for the new CTSA grant mandates a
process to track all resource utilization at the
project level (who is using, what was provided,
how much was provided, who is benefiting from
the resource, how much CTSA subsidy)
• Cancer Center requires a system to better comply
with NCI Cancer Center Support Guidelines
• No standardized systems in use at AMC
• Finance advantages (automatic billing, A/R
recording, service center compliance)
Primary Features
Manage Facility
•Cores can provide a
description of resources,
availability, usage rules,
forms, pricing, etc.
Manage Project
•Researchers can browse •Researchers can request
or search by keyword for
available resources
services or submit
project summaries
•Researchers can reserve
time on equipment
•Facility staff can develop •iLab integrates directly to •Robust reporting module
project plans
PeopleSoft Finance to
•Lab Admin reports
facilitate direct billing to •Consolidated reporting
•Facility staff can track/
update project progress
•Track equipment use
PIs through automated
file upload
•iLab can email invoice
copies to PIs
across cores
•PIs can report on their
own usage
Additional Benefits
System is hosted and maintained by iLab
Customer Support provided by iLab (5x18)
Dedicated implementation teams
Proven system at many major academic
research institutions
More than 96 leading research organizations across
North America and Europe work with iLab
• 3 Cohorts of 3 Cores each to be brought on-line in FY 2015
with each cohort estimated to be completed within 3 to 4
• Considered to be a conservative roll-out; most institutions
have brought 12 to 16 cores on-line in first year
• Should accelerated implementation be feasible and
recommended, contract can be amended to increase annual
numbers and/or modify to a site licensing arrangement (30
cores per initial tranche)
Cost Structure
Per Core vs. Site License
• Per Core Structure
– Pricing delineated by core revenue (sm-med-lg)
– Medium core = $100,000 to $550,000 annual revenue
– ~$5,500 annual subscription fee + $2,750 implementation fee
(1st yr only)
• Site License
– Flat $100,000/yr
– Up to 30 total cores
– No per core implementation fees
• iLab analysis indicates best to switch to site license
structure in year 3
• CCTSI and Cancer Center co-managing implementation, with
CCTSI leading contractual negotiations and providing central
project manager
• With participation of other SOM and campus organizations,
management and governance, expected to shift to campus

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