Making it Real

The National Co-Production Advisory Group
Why the co-production
group was developed
• The White Paper “Our health, our care, our say” recognises
that people want access to support when they need it. This
was confirmed in Putting People First (2007) concordat.
• Putting People First set out a shared vision and commitment
to the transformation of adult social care, through a radical
reform of public services.
• It was recognised that this reform could only take place if it
was done hand in hand with people who use services and
their carers.
and who is involved
People with learning disabilities
Mental health service users
Family carers
Older people
People who use direct payments/individual budgets
People who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and
• And black and ethnic minorities and hard to reach
• In March The National Co-production Advisory
Group became an independent group that is
hosted by The Social Care Institute for
Excellence (SCIE).
• The group also works in partnership with
“Think Local Act Personal”......
We also work with
central government
and other bodies
• Advising Department of Health on policy and delivery (e.g.
White Paper, Direct Payments)
• Supporting Local Government Group work with members and
sector improvement
• Influencing other bodies e.g. shaping social care workforces
and leadership strategies with Skills for Care and Skills
What have The National Co-production Group
achieved so far.
We have been involved in co-producing many
documents and we are really starting to change the
way the government thinks about working with
people who use services and their carers.
Recently we have be involved with
Making it Real
About the TLAP Partnership
A “partnership agreement” was launched in November 2010.
States our commitment to moving forward with personalisation
and community-based support.
 More than 30 national and umbrella organisations representing
the broad interest in transforming adult social care across England
have committed to working in partnership.
 The organisations who joined the partnership will work
collectively to develop and share innovative practice so all citizens
have more choice and control over the support they experience.
 Picks up where Putting People First left off but importantly
represents a key shift from government-led to sector-led support.
Co-producing Making it Real
– Subtitles and signers
for Making it Real film
– Easy Read version of
Making it Real
– Careful design of
– Testing support
materials for clarity,
purpose and content
Leading and Influencing TLAP
National Co-production Advisory Group
Making it Real
and Fees
Self Directed
Think Local Act Personal Partnership
Making it Real
Will help to mark progress
towards personalised,
Developed by TLAP, led by
the Co-Production
Advisory Group
What is it?
A set of statements from people who use services , carer and
citizens saying what they would expect to see and experience if
personalisation is real and working well in a locality or
These are then matched against key elements that would need
to be in place to make these experiences possible.
These “markers” will help show how well a locality or
organisation is doing in achieving personalisation and
community-based support.
What it is not?
• NOT Performance management – TLAP is a voluntary
movement for change (ADASS, Local Government
Group, Department of Health, major provider bodies
and the Care Quality Commission support Making it
Real ).
• We believe Councils and organisations providing
social care support will want to use Making it Real
with local communities and people using support to
show progress.
What organisations need to do:
Step 1 - Organisations register with TLAP website and
download the Making it Real support materials.
Step 2 - Board level commitment to starting the
declaration process and full involvement of people
who use services and carers - “We are getting ready
to make a declaration to the Making it Real
Step 3 - Complete self-assessment forms in
discussion with people who use services and carers ,
staff and partners to complete self assessment forms.
Step 4 - Co-produce action plans and identify top 3
What organisations need to do:
Step 5 – Upload top 3 priorities onto TLAP
Step 6 – Access TLAP logo and agreed
Step 7 - Complete feedback on key
challenges/ obstacles
Step 8 – After 6 months, complete a
progress review with people who use
services and carers.
What the organisations will
“We are working towards
the commitments
described in the Making it
Real programme, with the
aim of achieving support
which is more personalised
and which is part of the
whole community.”
What people who use services, carers and
citizens can do
 Influence – remind local organisations about Making it Real
 Co-production –work together with Making it Real organisation
to develop action plans and top three priorities
 Monitor – remind organisations about their commitments and
feedback directly to them if priorities are not met
 Communicate – share your stories through blogs, newsletter
articles, blogs on the TLAP website
 Feedback – volunteer to test out web pages and provide email
Map of
who have
declared a
commitment to
Making it Real
Any questions?
Sally Percival
Clenton Farquharson
Alan Crone
Shahana Ramsden
Making it Real Project Co-ordinator
Senior Co-production Lead
[email protected]
Follow me on twitter - @shahanaramsden

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