Co-operative Glasgow presentation for Richard Brown

Glasgow City Council
Co-operative Glasgow
Richard Brown – Executive Director of
Development and Regeneration Services
Glasgow City Council
• Co-operative Glasgow
• Current Activity
• What’s Next
• Questions
Glasgow City Council
Co-operative Glasgow
Framework agreed at Executive Committee on 2nd May with four main
1. Embedding Co-operative Values and co-operation at the heart of
service delivery;
2. Co-production and community led commissioning – working with
individuals rather than for them;
3. Community Assets – working with communities to transfer the
management or control to community or third sector groups;
4.Co-operative Service Delivery – helping communities, interested parties
and/or employees establish a co-operative business model.
Glasgow City Council
Co-operative Glasgow
In some ways we are already working this way and Co-operative Glasgow
will identify and align the activities and promote co-operative development
opportunities and growth
Values and Cooperation
Co-production and
community led
Community Assets
Service Delivery
Community Benefits
Credit Union
‘One Glasgow’
Transfers of Control
of Assets to the
To be developed as
part of action plan
Glasgow City Council
Current Activity
• Developing Framework for Committee Approval
• Organising Today’s Launch event
• Establishing Co-operative Development Unit within DRS
• Communication – Connect and Glasgow Web Pages, meeting
with Services and Co-op contacts etc
• Mapping of current co-op activity in City (around 110 existing
businesses) to provide a baseline
Glasgow City Council
What’s Next
• 2 year action plan will emerge from the Launch Event
• Conduct and/or commission research on Co-operative Council activity across
the UK and the wider co-operative economy, to identify potential opportunities for
Glasgow City Council;
• Promote the development of co-ops, mutuals and social enterprises;
• Provide advice and support to individuals, businesses and social enterprises on
developing co-operative business models. This will include signposting to other
appropriate organisations as required;
• Provide small grants for co-operative business start up activity or business
• Budget of £500,000 for 2013/14 and 2014/15 to be spent of Co-operative
development so we are interested in your input
Glasgow City Council
Additional Information
Alan Davidson, phone 0141 287 7269
email [email protected]
Tracey Cunningham, phone 0141 287 3687
email [email protected]
Eddie Percy, phone 0141 287 8553
email [email protected]

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