Nipissing University*s Co-Curricular Transcript (RSD)

Record of
Nipissing University, Brantford Campus
Co-Curricular Transcript
Provides official recognition of extra-curricular
involvement and achievements
Encourages involvement
Recognizes learning outside the classroom
Independently records & validates experiences
What it Records
Nipissing University activities outside an established
Nipissing University activities and volunteer
opportunities participated in while registered as a
Nipissing Student (Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer)
*must meet specific criteria
May record Nipissing paid positions that meet the
specific criteria
Non-academic awards (i.e., merit based
bursaries, leadership awards, program-based
recognitions, etc)
-Items must meet the following criteria in order to be
included on the Record of Student Development:
1) Activity provides meaningful learning experiences
2) Activity is extra-curricular in nature and is not required
for academic credit
3) Activity is verified by a designated Supervisor (could be
a staff member, faculty or administration)
-3 specific categories
-method or actions taken by the student to be introduced
to a program/organization/position
-might involve training, extra-curricular lectures, guest
speakers or workshops and/or membership in a student,
university or community organization
-passive presence
-SAC, NUSA, Year 1 Workshop Series, SCWI and
Literacy Day
Categories continued…
-practical / experiential aspect of the extra-curricular
-experience of learning through doing and where the
student will apply their foundational knowledge
-defined role or commonly held duties or expectations
-may be a paid position
-Alternative Service Learning, peer Mentorship (Mentor
and Novice), International Placement, Executive of a club,
research assistant, iTeach Bridging Program, Strong Start
Categories continued…
-recognition of how the student, either through their
position or personal leadership, transformed themselves,
the university and/or the community through creative,
responsible and decisive action
-usually represents activities in which the student has a
great amount of freedom and responsibility
-may include a role that involves teaching or researching.
-Dr. David Suzuki Lesson Plan initiative, Diversity workshop
presentations, President of clubs, meetings with Board of
Governors, curriculum development and research, GO
Awards provided by Nipissing University
Dave Marshall Leadership Award, Trussler Award,
Nipissing Brantford awards
At this time, the record does not recognize any awards
that are presented by community organizations
If a student is interested in obtaining a Record of Student
Development, they need to register with Transition Programs
Department of Nipissing University
The student is responsible for providing all information
about the activities they have been involved in
Activities should be added to the record within the academic
year they were completed (*Exception: retro-active activities)
Important Note: Requests to add retro-active activities must
be submitted by June 30, 2011. Requests after this date will
not be accepted.
Verification of this information will be conducted by
Transition Programs staff in co-ordination with Nipissing
University’s Brantford Campus
Registration is required!
Register On-Line:
Note: only those who register will receive a Record
No deadline to register
Adding activities to
your record
Seminars/Awards and
Organization /Office
Type in
-Now you need to
submit a “Student
Verification Form”
Upon registration you can submit individual activities on-line.
The “Student Verification Form” will also be available on the Nipissing
Brantford website… stay tuned!
Each entry must be verified by a recognized Supervisor (you
indicate this person on the submission form). Consider Faculty
or Staff involved.
 NUSA/SAC: Kelly
 Alternative Placements/SCWI/Mentorship: Deanne
 Awards, Course initiatives: Maria/faculty
 Various Workshops: workshop presenter
Transition Programs will contact the Supervisor for
Verification Continued
For activities where a large cohort of teacher candidates are
participating, we will submit and verify participation on your
behalf by providing a group listing (e.g., Mentors, iTeach
Bridging Program)
Individual activities (e.g., workshop participation, volunteer
opportunities) must be submitted by the student
The Supervisor will determine which category an activity fits
Moving forward, the category that an activity fits under will
be included in the advertisement for the activity or event
Requesting your
Contact Transition Programs at 705.474.3450, ext: 4241 or
e-mail [email protected]
On average, a record takes 1 month to be processed
All students who have registered with Transition Programs will receive one
copy of their Record at Convocation
For additional copies, you can request a copy of your record by e-mailing
Transition Programs: [email protected] Each copy is $5.00.
Payment Options: same as methods of payment for iTeach fee (e.g., cheque
made payable to Nipissing University or on-line banking)

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