DocuSign Overview CPR Presentation

Kirsten Schaub
Account Executive
[email protected]
About DocuSign
Over 5,500,000 users have DocuSigned
 30,000 + paying customers
 115,000,000 + signature events to date
70% market share of SAAS based eSignature
Providers. ( 2009)
 2 geographically diverse data centers
 99.992% uptime since 3/2007
Passed over 75 Information Security Audits just last year
Won several awards for technology and innovation
Company snapshot
Over 100 million signature events
Transaction growth over 300%
Some of Our 30,000 Customers
Fortune 500
Foreign Owned Customers that Selected and use DocuSign Today
Other Notable Companies that Selected and use DocuSign Today
DocuSign Benefits
Resulting in:
Reduces Cycle Time
» From Days/Weeks to Minutes
Increases Close Rates
» Move from 30% up to 80% close rates
Eliminates Signing Errors/ Eliminate NIGO (not-in-good-order) Docs
» Signers cannot make mistakes
Reduces Compliance Risk
» Establish a controlled process end-end
Reduces Transaction Cost
» Eliminates paper handling, Postage, and re-keying
Average DocuSign Contract Return Time
Source: DocuSign eSignature Service
Simple Envelope Concept
Deposit Document (s) into a DocuSign Electronic Envelope
Address the Envelope:
Who needs to sign – Name and email address
Where do they sign – Signatures, Initials and Data
How do they Authenticate – Account Login and password, access code, ID Check or
What Order do they sign – Countersigning
Where to Store after they sign – DocuSign or 3rd Party Vault
Reminders & Expirations
Send the Envelope via DocuSign
Signing Experience
Sending Experience
Sending Experience
Sending Experience
Sending Experience
Sending Experience
Sending Experience
Sending Experience
Will It Work with DMS Solutions?
Print into DocuSign
from any Application
Upload any
Document into
Convert Forms to
• Fully Integrated Workflow with DMS
Solutions using ‘Send in DocuSign’
Print Driver
How much does it cost? Here’s two examples:
Example 1: Individual User Accounts
• 20 Users sending documents for signature
(No Electronic sign forms available on
• 20 users at $205/user per year for an
unlimited electronic documents sent to be
signed to clients
• $4100 Annual Subscription
• 10% discount for all CPR Members
• $3690 Total Annual Cost
Sample breakdown:
Five documents per client sent to be signed
using DocuSign times 100 clients
Example 2: Transaction Based Pricing
• Counselors sending documents for signature
(Esign Forms accessible for signature from a
• 1600 Transactions (“Envelopes”)
• $4240 Annual Subscription
• 10% discount for all CPR Members
• $3816 Total Annual Cost
*Contact Kirsten Schaub at DocuSign for a customized price quote
based upon your size and needs. All CPR Agencies will automatically
qualify for a 10% discount.
“Our investment in this new e-signature capability is
indicative of our belief that service in our industry
must be transformed to maximize a firms’ success
and deliver a great experience for end clients.”
Ed O’Brien
Senior Vice President, Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services
“Expedia is a fast moving, online business, and
we want to use the smartest services available.
We were impressed from the start with how
quickly and easily DocuSign helped us obtain
signed contracts.”
Gene Harden
Director of Lodging, Expedia
“The best part is documents could be signed in
literally minutes versus months.”
Mike Machado,
CRM Manager, Yamaha Commercial Audio
“We selected DocuSign because of their proven
success in the e- Signature and contract execution
market, superior enterprise service, and flexible
integration with”
Ted Girdner
Senior Director of Sales Operations, Comcast Business Services
“The introduction of DocuSign into our collections
process significantly improved DSO contributing to
access to over $1M in additional working capital on
an annualized basis.”
Brian Frank,
Director Global Enterprise Operations LinkedIn

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