1- TÜBÄ°TAK 1001 Project: Determination of the bending-twisting coupling in composite
structures via digital image correlation (DIC) method and exploiting bending-twisting coupling in
turbine blades for passive load control in horizontal axis wind turbines
Required students: 2
1st Student: Testing of composite plates and composite box beams to determine the bending-twisting coupling
effect of off-axis plies via digital image correlation. Comparisons will be made with finite element method. Also
includes material coupon testing to determine elastic properties to use in FE analysis. Dynamic mechanical
analysis tests to determine material damping. (Aramis DIC system, MTS/Dartec testing machines, HBM strain
gage measurements, DMA, FE analysis with Nastran)
Dynamic mechanical analysis
Bending test of helicopter blade
2nd Student: Design of a reference wind turbine blade to be used in multi-body simulations of the wind turbine
system. Multi-body transient aeroelastic analysis of wind turbine system to study the effect of bending-twisting
coupling induced on the composite blades on the load alleviation in the wind turbine system.
(PreVabs-Vabs beam section analysis codes, Samcef Wind Turbine/Focus wind turbine system multi body
analysis codes, Samcef and Nastran FE codes)
Moment at Blade-hub connection
2- SANTEZ PROJECT with Dr. Gürses, Dr. Çoker and TEI
Development of advanced bolted flange design and analysis tool
Required students: 1 ( 2 more for Dr. Gürses and Dr. Çoker)
Evaluation of finite element and test results on friction, contact and bolt torque - preload and design a bolted
flange design and analysis tool interface (ANSYS FE code)
Input: Flange type, geometry (geometric tolerances, surface roughness etc.) number of bolts (type, preloadtorque relation), friction coefficient, material, loads(thermal, axial, shear force, bending moment, torque,
working conditions (dry, with oil, temperature), fatigue loads
Output: Strength (flange and bolt), life, separation and slippage
Different flange
types seen in
gas turbines
1- Generation of finite element model of a manufactured wind turbine blade, finite element
analysis and static tests by DIC and strain gage system
2- Analytical and finite element approach for material characterization of woven composites
3- Development of a static aeroelastic analysis tool based on beam finite element and linear
4- Structural analysis and optimization of composite structures (straight and curved laminates
with cut-outs) manufactured by fiber/tow placement machines
5- Aeroelastic stability analysis of wing-body combinations with control surfaces and external
6- Progressive failure analysis of composite structures via micromechanics of failure (MMF)
methodologies under geometrically nonlinear deformations
7- Investigation of the effect of damage progression on the aeroelastic stability of composite
8- Investigation of the effect of damage progression on the transient aeroelastic response of
wind turbine blades
9- Development of a beam cross-sectional analysis tool for composite beams that simulate
helicopter blades or wind turbine blades
10- Investigation of damping characteristics of fiber reinforced composites with carbon nanotube
enhanced epoxy resin
11- Development of a structural sizing tool for the conceptual design phase of aircraft structures

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