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Right Triangle
A triangle in which one
angle is equal to 90 is
called right triangle.
 The side opposite to the
right angle is known as
AB is the hypotenuse
The other two sides are
known as legs.
AC and BC are the legs
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Calculate the length of the side x, given
that tan θ = 0.4
Example( Words Problems)
A large airplane (plane A) flying at 26,000 feet sights a smaller plane
(plane B) traveling at an altitude of 24,000 feet. The angle of depression
is 40°. What is the line of sight distance ( x) between the two planes?
More Example
A ladder must reach the top of a building. The base of
the ladder will be 25′ from the base of the building.
The angle of elevation from the base of the ladder to
the top of the building is 64°. Find the height of
the building (h) and the length of the ladder ( m).
Jeopardy of Solving Trigonometry
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10 multiple choice
1) Find the length a , b, and c.
A) b=24, c=29.124
B) b=26, c=32.245
C) b=22, c=25.325
D) b=45, c=36.456
2)Find the complement and supplement of the angle.
complement: 54, supplement: 125
b) complement: 58 , supplement:148
c) complement: 48 , supplement: 105
d) complement: 60 , supplement: 165
Solve the problem using geometry
3) Finding a distance- the angle of depression from the top of the
smoke town lighthouse 120ft above the surface of the water to a
buoy is 10 degree. How far is the buoy from the lighthouse.
A) 680.55ft
B) 721.62ft
C) 669.35
D) 500.25
4) Finding a guy-wire length- a guy wire connects the top of an
antenna to a point on level ground 5ft from the base of the antenna.
The angle of elevation formed by this wire is 80°. What are the
length of the wire and the height of the antenna?
A) w=28.79ft, h=28.36ft
B) w=25.33ft, h=25.12ft
C) w=29.45ft, h=29.31ft
D) w=24.88ft, h=24.55ft
5) cloud height- to measure the height of a cloud, you place a bright
searchlight directly below the cloud and shine the beam straight up.
From a point 100ft away from the searchlight, you measure the
angle of elevation of the cloud to be 83° 12’. How high is the cloud?
a) 925ft
b) 853ft
c) 900ft
d) 839ft
6) architectural design- a barn roof is constructed as shown in the
figure. What is the height of the vertical center span?
A) 10.25ft
B) 13.35ft
C) 9.8ft
D) 8.36ft
7) True or false- higher frequency sound waves have shorter periods.
8) Land measure- the angle of depression is 19° from a point 7256 ft
above sea level on the north rim of the Grand canyon level to a
point 6159 ft above sea level on the south rim. Ho w wide is the
canyon at the point.
a) 4126ft
b) 3265 ft
c) 4015ft
d) 3186ft
9) Navigation- a shoreline runs north-south, and a boat is due east of the
shoreline. The bearings of the boat from two points on the shore are 110°
and 100°. Assume the two points are 550 ft apart. How far is the boat from
the shore?
a) 3012gt
b) 2931ft
c) 3659ft
d) 2954ft
10) Multiple choice- to get a rough idea of the height of a building, John
paces off 50 ft from the base of the building, then measures the angle of
elevation from the ground to the top of the building at that point to be 58°.
About how tall is the building.
a) 31 ft
b) 42 ft
c) 59 ft
d) 80 ft
e) 417 ft

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