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Official Launch Event
Colin Hopkins
Director of Education, Diocese of Lichfield
Welcome, Introductions
Origins of the CECET concept (1)
• Academies Act 2010: “the most radical education legislation since
• Memorandum of Understanding between DfE & National Society –
presumption of diocesan sponsorship.
• Church Schools of the Future Review (March 2012) challenged
DBEs to develop new partnerships and ways of working “to ensure that
they are properly resourced and able to meet the challenges of the
academy programme and of their responsibilities for school
Origins of the CECET concept (2)
• Dioceses of Birmingham and Lichfield are academy sponsors.
• Learning from each other, building capacity and sharing good practice.
• The opportunity to fashion something new and of enduring value
for CE schools in the 21st Century.
• The involvement of a major HE institution would be critical to delivering
our strategic aspirations.
• DfE support for “Umbrella Trust Plus” concept.
• CECET was legally constituted on 14th March 2014.
CECET Directors & Staff
• Directors
Revd Peter French, Assistant DDE, Birmingham
Sir Geoff Hampton, University of Wolverhampton
Colin Hopkins, DDE, Lichfield
Revd Jackie Hughes, DDE, Birmingham
Jane Nelson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of Wolverhampton
Ava Packer, Executive Headteacher, St Mary’s CE Primary Academy, Handsworth,
 Pat Walters, Headteacher, Holte Visual & Performing Arts College, Birmingham
 Andrew Warren, Director, Britannia Teaching Schools Alliance (Belgrave St
Bartholomew’s Academy, Stoke on Trent)
• Staff
 Sue Wedgwood, Head of School Performance
 Sue Blackmore, Executive Officer
The DfE Perspective
Mr Colin Diamond
(Deputy Director, Academies Group)
• The first Trust of its kind in the UK.
• Our Christian commitment to serving our communities and growing
the Kingdom through our schools.
• Mixed economy – facilitating local opportunities and solutions.
• Developing meaningful networks.
• Encouraging Good and Outstanding schools who have the
capacity, expertise and moral purpose to support others.
Vision and Values of CECET
• A Christian approach to education that nurtures the whole person
including spiritual welfare.
• A commitment to continuous improvement for the benefit of all.
• School to school support; and collaborative networks.
• A focus on professional development for staff.
• AFFIRMING and facilitating schools and academies within their own
communities; not a “top-down” approach.
• Partnership – schools/academies; parishes; LAs; DfE; &c.
• Every school should be at least a “Good” school.
Constitution and Purposes of CECET
• CECET has been constituted out of Lichfield Diocesan Academies Trust
(Umbrella Trust) by adding the Diocese of Birmingham and
Wolverhampton University as members.
• CECET’s purposes are threefold:
• (i) to secure high standards;
• (ii) to provide a strong framework for school improvement and
professional development ; and
• (iii) to facilitate the expansion of academies.
• CECET will become a member of every Single Academy Trust (SAT) or
Multi Academy Trust (MAT) in the Diocese of Lichfield where a CE school
is involved.
• “Mixed Mode” MATs are permissible. Local partnerships and synergies.
• We will encourage the establishment of either SATs (where a school has
capacity to do this) or MATs in discrete geographical areas.
CECET Structure
Academies – Challenge & Support
• “Raising Achievement Board” (RAB).
• Regular meetings with academy principals and chairs to discuss
progress; identify needs; and offer support.
• The aim is proactively to facilitate success.
CECET – Wider Educational Aims
• Growing a network of high performing schools and academies.
• Devising a Professional Development Framework to support teachers
throughout their careers, including a “Growing Church School Leaders
for the Future” Programme.
• Developing a programme to support outstanding governance.
• Establishing:
• a supply chain of quality-assured education providers.
• a group of Diocesan Improvement Advisers.
• Offering events and activities to share good practice.
• Promoting and celebrating our USPs as Church of England
CECET – Role of the University
• Accredited CPD Programmes for staff from NQT to Senior Leadership.
• Ability to access the resources of the University’s Institute of Education
and Education Central.
• Individual subject support or whole school.
• Teacher Training – Schools Direct.
• Research.
CECET – Funding
• CECET will not establish a large central infrastructure.
• Contribution from academies either through a management or
subscription fee.
• Training courses etc will be paid for direct by schools/academies (small
administration fee).
The Strength of Partnerships in the
Katy Kent, Headteacher, St Bartholomew's CE (C) Primary School,
Penn, Wolverhampton
Discussions and Response
Schools’ Role in CECET
Feedback and Questions
Next Steps – “Roadshows”
2nd April 2014 (3pm till 5 pm)
Uttoxeter Race Course, Wood Lane, Uttoxeter, ST14 8BD
9th April 2014 (3pm till 5 pm)
The Mount Hotel & Conference Centre, Mount Road, Wolverhampton,
30th April 2014 (3pm till 5 pm)
Best Western Plus Stoke-on-Trent Moat House Hotel, Etruria Hall,
Festival Way, Stoke-on-Trent, ST1 5BQ
15th May 2014 (3pm till 5 pm)
Shrewsbury Conference Centre, Mytten Oak Road, Shrewsbury, SY3
Next Steps
• Please consider:• Your school's strengths and opportunities for local
• What strength you could contribute to the CPD agenda.
• Whether you have the capacity to become a Teaching School.
• How you would like to be part of building CECET’s success.
For any further questions you may have please do not
hesitate to get in touch.
Colin Hopkins
Director of Education
Diocese of Lichfield
01543 306040
[email protected]

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