Web Adapter to EM Constellation

Web Adapters
To EM Constellation
Web Services
Local EM
Richard Butgereit
[email protected]
Information Management Section Head
Florida Division of Emergency Management
Jeff Alexander
Director of Preparedness Programs
Northeast Florida Regional Council
[email protected] or 904-279-0885 x 134
Charles Chris
Operations and Planning Coordinator
Brevard County Emergency Management
[email protected]
or 321-637-4087
Matthew Cronin
Administration Manager
Palm Beach County
Division of Emergency Management
[email protected] or 561-712-6320
EM Constellation
• EM Constellation is a web-based platform adopted by the
State of Florida as an information management solution for
emergency management.
• The platform allows county, state, federal and mutual aid
entities to use the same operating environment when
responding to and recovering from an emergency.
• Requests for assistance may be made through the platform,
these requests approved and tasked as missions, and
tracked throughout their life cycle.
• Information messages like situation reports, press releases,
and incident action plans may also be shared through the
C-O-T-S Systems
• Commercial Off-the-Shelf emergency management
solutions are also used by numerous partners, namely by
several counties…
The Challenge
• Partners are having to duplicate efforts, entering information
into both their local systems as well as the state’s system.
Statewide EM
Local EM
Local EM
The Solution
• Build a web services interface to the EM Constellation.
• Enhance local systems with the ability to interact with EM
Constellation through web services.
Statewide EM
Web Services
Local EM
Local EM
• Beginning in the spring of 2009, a project was undertaken to
create web services for EM Constellation.
• Concurrent with that project, a separate project was
undertaken with the Northeast Florida Council and ESI, the
makers of WebEOC, to develop an adapter for their product
to interface directly with these web services, moving
information from one system to the other, ensuring updated
information across the platforms.
• Later, in winter of 2010, a project was kicked off with
Brevard County and NC4, the makers of E-Team, to develop
similar capabilities for their platform.
What are “web services”
• “Web services” are application programming interfaces, or
API’s, that are accessed via the web.
• A “web service” is a software system designed to support
interoperable machine-to-machine interaction over a network.
Web Services
Local EM
EMC Web Services
EMC Web Services
The Solution
• “Web services” are application programming interfaces, or
API’s, that are accessed via the web.
• A “web service” is a software system designed to support
interoperable machine-to-machine interaction over a network.
Web Services
Local EM
The Solution
• Local emergency management software platforms must also
develop capabilities to interact with the EMC web services, using
the inter to connect from your local system, both retrieving and
posting information to EM Constellation.
Web Services
Local EM
• As previously mentioned, concurrent with the project to
develop the EMC Web Services, a project was also undertaken
with the Northeast Regional Council and ESI to create adapters
for WebEOC.
• This project wrapped up in the spring of 2010, and since then,
ESI has been working with several counties to implement the
adapter along with their local installations of WebEOC.
• As previously mentioned, a project was undertaken in
spring 2010 with Brevard County and NC4 to create
adapters for ETeam.
• This project is currently ongoing, and is a few weeks
away from beta testing.
• Users will be able to:
• Create and view their county’s Info Messages
• Generate Mission Requests from the ETEAM Resource
• Create a County Sitrep attachment by extracting data
from the ETEAM Jurisdiction Sitrep and include it in an
EMC Info Message
An EMC Info Message is created by ETeam if the “OK to Update” box on the EMC
Sitrep Tab is checked. Information from the ETeam Report populates matching fields
on the Info Message and adds additional information as an attachment.
Other Eteam/EMC Tabs
• The Info Message and Mission Request Tabs will function in a
similar fashion but their formats are still in work.
• Info Messages will be associated to an ETeam Emergency Event
Report and the TAB will include an option to create a new message
or to select an existing message from a pick-list of the agency’s Info
Messages listed under the corresponding EMC Incident
• Mission Requests will be associated to a corresponding ETeam
Resource Request by a TAB on the ETeam Report and data will
update and flow automatically between the ETeam Report and the
Mission Request.
• Formats have been installed on the Brevard County Eteam Training
system and are being tweaked right now and we expect to start Beta
Testing interactively with EMC by the end of the month
• EMC Web Services are an example of a cutting-edge technology
projects of the Florida Division of Emergency Management and
the Florida State Emergency Response Team to streamline the
work flows of our local partners, and improve emergency
• Regional collaborations are also building capacities, sharing
costs, and improving communication…
Southeast FL REMCS
• Executive Committee
Bill Johnson, Palm Beach
Chuck Lanza, Broward
Curt Sommerhoff, Miami-Dade
Irene Toner, Monroe
• Steering Committee
Matt Cronin, Regional Coordinator
Billy Weinshank, PBC - Soheila Ajabshir, Miami-Dade
Bob Humple, Broward - Jose Tezanos, Monroe
• Technical
- IT technical specialists from each County
Regional Emergency Management
Collaboration System (REMCS)
Palm Beach Co.
Broward Co.
(Esi Hosted)
WebFusion Municipality
Phase I
Monroe Co.
Phase III
Phase II
System Administrator Training
Oct 08
Regional System Fully Operational Dec 08
County Systems Fully Operational May 09
WebFusion ™ Implementation
Feb 10
UAWG Unanimously Votes –
Feb 10
“WebEOC as Repository for Region”
• REMCS Committee Sets Regional
Feb 10
Board Requirements
• Regional Board Development
Mar-Sept 10
• Customizations & Enhancements Ongoing
Regional Boards
• Regional Asset Management System (RAMS)
• Regional Significant Events
• Regional Status
 EOC Activation
 Gov Office Status
 School Status
 Municipal Status
 Evacuations
 County Disaster Declaration Status
Regional Boards (cont.)
• Shelters
• Hospitals
• Road and Bridge
• Press Releases
• Situation Reports
• Incident Action Plans

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