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Alhabib Welfare Foundation
About AWF
• Founded by Molana Muhammad Aslam Zahid Vice Chairman of Jamiat-eUlama Britain and Khateeb of Usmania Education Centre, Sheffield.
• Small charity run by volunteers with increasing work and commitment.
• 100% of donations are given to the needy according to a carefully
considered criteria.
• No salaries are taken.
• Complete transparency about all aspects of AWF’s work.
Why did we begin?
For some years friends of Molana Mohammad Aslam Zahid were regularly
asking him to pass on their Zakaat, Sadaqah etc to the needy in remote parts
of Azad Kashmir which were not easily accessible.
Molana through his personal visits and with the help of people on the ground
was able to identify needy people and handover the amounts according to
their criteria.
In 2005 AWF was started to respond to the increasing needs of the victims of
the 2005 earthquake.
Since then AWF has been raising money for various projects to cater for the
increasing needs of the orphans, widows and other sufferers.
In 2010 AWF was formalised and registered as a charity to make it even more
Where do we operate?
Mainly in the following remote villages located in the higher parts of the
mountains of Kashmir and not easily accessible.
• Needy families living in these villages are extremely poor and the average
monthly income is about 5000 rupees equivalent to £40.
Current Projects
• Sponsoring the upbringing and education of orphans.
• Encouraging and supporting widows to earn a living.
• Helping needy families through small one off and/or regular grants.
• Free basic and religious education facilities accessible locally.
• Please check our website www.AlhabibWelfareFoundation.co.uk for
detailed information and updates.
• Providing new clothes to orphans particularly on Eid.
• Sponsoring orphans education.
• The needs of over 30 orphans being catered.
•Requests for sponsorship increasing from needy orphans.
• Encouraging and supporting widows to earn a living.
• Sewing machines have been provided to 50 widows to date.
• Requests for more machines/help awaiting funds.
Education centres
• Free basic and religious education facilities accessible to children locally.
• This also provides income for locally recruited teachers entrusted with the
responsibility and monitored by Alhabib.
• The quality and accessibility of such provision is bringing more requests in
to increase and widen this facility.
Future projects
• Enhancing the current projects.
• Local medical facility for quick response and / or signposting.
• Acquire ambulance(s) to facilitate transporting of patients particularly in
• Currently no ambulance at all and can take up to 3 hours to locate
somebody with a vehicle who will be able to transport the patient(s) to
the nearest medical facility and at times at a unaffordable cost.
Further information
• For further information and /or clarification
please approach any volunteers present this
evening or later.
• Post your suggestions and questions on
• Volunteers will endeavour to respond to your
question(s) ASAP.
• Online at
• Directly through Molana Muhammad Aslam
• Please advise where you want your receipts to
be sent.

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