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January 17
Writing prompt on board
 Y’all needa write that there prompt off’n the
board. I know you fokes awful tired and, if
you had your druthers, you’d be off yonder
playin or talkin. It may not even set right none
no how. But fer now, you caint. Go get you
some paper. Y’all fixin’ to do some readin’.
Bless your heart, but just holler if you ain’t
getting’ it.
 Jeremiah’s Song
 Monitor – checking your comprehension as you read
 Restate – to say or write something again in a different way
 Summarize – to briefly retell the main ideas in your own
Dialect – a form of language spoken in a particular place or
by a particular group of people
Dialogue – written conversation between 2 or more
Clarify – pause and reflect to make clear what you are
Main Idea – the most important idea about a topic
Inference – a logical guess based on facts
Begin answering questions
1. What words or phrases in paragraph one are
2. Grandpa Jeremiah says his stories are the
songs of his people. What do stories and
songs have in common? Write what he
means in your own words.
3. What does the idiom “book learning” mean?
4. How do Macon and Jeremiah get along?
5. Reread lines 148-154. What is the narrator’s
description of Grandpa Jeremiah in your own
6. How does Ellie’s view of Macon change
throughout the story?
7. In lines 202-206, how does the narrator feel
about Macon?
8. In lines 249-261, what are the words or
phrases that are dialect?
10. What happens in lines 288-290?
11. Why might Grandpa Jeremiah’s death be
especially harder for Ellie to deal with?
12. What does the narrator think at the end
about Macon’s song?
 Monitor
 restate
 Summarize
 Dialect
 Clarify
 Dialogue
 main idea
 inference
January 18
Makeup Day
 Makeup missing
 Homework
 Assignments
 Notes
 Exit Tickets
 Study for makeup tests/quizzes
 Review homework – Clara Barton
Vocab Review
 Monitor
 restate
 Summarize
Summarizing Information
 Summarize the events that occur on each
page. Your summaries can only be 3
sentences long.
 Make sure you write down ONLY THE MOST
January 19th
B day
Makeup Day
 Makeup missing
 Homework
 Assignments
 Notes
 Exit Tickets
 Tests/quizzes
 Make a plot chart of Jeremiah’s Song
Exposition - beginning
Resolution - ending
Rubric – 3rd block only
 Exposition
 Conflict
 Characters (GJ, Narrator, Ellie, and Macon)
 Setting
Rising action – 3 events
Falling action – 1-2 events
Text evidence (quote and page numbers)
Quiz Bowl
 Group yourselves into teams of 4. You will be
asked questions about the story.
 Your group will receive one question. If you
cannot answer it correctly, the question goes
on to the next team.
 If you shout out answers to another team’s
question, your team will lose 2 points.
 The team with the highest points will receive
a prize and 5 points extra credit on the quiz
Who is Jeremiah?
How does the narrator know Ellie has changed after coming home
from college?
What does the following statement help you understand about the
narrator? “I wasn’t about to go in there and listen to no stories at
4. What is Jeremiah’s songs meant to do?
What does Macon do while he listens to Grandpa’s songs?
6. How do we know Ellie begins to like Macon?
What is a stroke?
8. What is a diagnosis?
9. What is a condition?
10. What is a setback?
11. What does Ellie do when Dr. Crawford tells her how sick Jeremiah is?
12. What is the pattern/reoccurring event throughout the selection?
Questions – Lightning Round
1. You can tell the narrator of the story
Is too young to understand grandfather’s stories
Doesn’t trust Macon
Pays attention to the people in his life and the events
taking place
d) Doesn’t want to know that his grandfather is at the
end of his life
2. Ellie became unhappy with things at home –
When the narrator becomes friends with Macon
After she moved away to work in the city
After hearing the doctor’s diagnosis
When she first came home from college
Questions – Lightning Round
3. Macon tells the narrator, “You getting to be a big man,
that’s all.” What does he mean?
a.) he’s too old to be afraid of scary stories
b.) the narrator is growing up
c.) he’s worried the narrator is getting conceited
d.)the narrator is well known in the town.
4. When Grandpa Jeremiah describes his stories as a bridge, he
a.) they are best told while travelling
b.) protect against dangers
c.) can be difficult to cross
d.) connect with the past
January 20th
 Review 2 weeks vocab words
1. Primary Source
2. Secondary Source
3. Claims
4. Evidence
5. Argument
6. Counter Argument
7. Analyze
8. Thesis Statement
9. Introduction
10. Body paragraphs
11. Conclusion
 Test 2

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