Nilsson Lab
UCI Nuclear Laboratory: Nuclear Fuel Cycles, Nuclear Security and Nuclear Medicine
[email protected]
Research Summary: Current research in our group
emphasizes chemical processes for used nuclear fuel. The
motivation is to reduce the hazard associated with the used
nuclear fuel, to reduce the storage time needed for the material,
and to reuse and recycle some of the useful raw material still
existing in the spent nuclear fuel thereby improving the utilization
of existing natural resources.
Our research involves:
1. Developing a fundamental understanding of the extraction
processes to improve selectivity and efficiency. We are also
working on extraction contactor studies to improve and
understand kinetics and fluid dynamics in typical equipment
used for this work.
2. Improvement in the remote monitoring of nuclear
3. The specific effect of radiolytic degradation of the chemicals
used in the process and how this effect can be addressed in
process calculations.
4. Preparation of radioisotopes for medical purposes.
Radioactive material can be used for a variety of purposes
in medicine including cancer therapy, pain relievers and
Key Publications:
• Pearson, J., Jan, O., Miller, G. E., Nilsson, M. “Studies of high
linear energy transfer dosimetry by 10B(n,α)7Li reactions in
aqueous and organic solvents”. Journal of Radioanalytical and
Nuclear Chemistry, Online First, October 17 (2011).
• Herbst, R. S., Baron, P., Nilsson, M. “Standard and advanced
separation: PUREX processes for nuclear fuel reprocessing”. In K.
L. Nash, G. J. Lumetta (Eds.), Advanced separation techniques for
nuclear fuel reprocessing and radioactive waste treatment. 1st
ed. Ch. 6. Woodhead Publishing Series in Energy: Number 2. (pp.
141-175). Cambridge, UK. Woodhead Publishing Limited, (2011).
• Grimes, T. S., Nilsson, M., Nash, K. L. “Lactic Acid Partitioning in
TALSPEAK Extraction Systems”. Separation Science and
Technology, 45(12), 1725-1732, (2010).
• Nilsson, M., Nash, K. L. “Trans-Lanthanide Extraction Studies in
the TALSPEAK system: Investigating the Effect of Acidity and
Temperature”. Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange, 27(3), 354377, (2009).
• Nilsson, M., Nash, K. L. “Review Article: A Review of the
Development and Operational Characteristics of the TALSPEAK
Process”. Solvent Extraction & Ion Exchange, 25(6), 665, (2007).
Prof. Mikael Nilsson
Assistant Professor
• M.S. Chemical Engineering,
Chalmers University of
Technology, Gothenburg,
Sweden. (2000)
• Ph.D. Nuclear Chemistry,
Chalmers University of
Technology, Gothenburg,
Sweden. (2005)

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