and Opening MCH Review and Reform

Strengthening early childhood foundations for Victoria’s children:
Review of Maternal and Child Health Service
Since last time we met….
Things to be delighted about
Things I’ve noted
Strong relationships
with Councils
Positive attitude
Fragmentation of
services for families
Uncompromising on
Barriers to good
information sharing and
integrated working
Earlier support for
vulnerable children
Better service
Creative thinking
Solution focused
Commitment to
delivering the best for
children and families
Access to services for
children with additional
Families that go missing
High quality
Hard to reach families
Lack of flexibility to
target some families
The future
A quick update on your fantastic achievements
• Participation rates for 2011-12
• Newborn visits remain at 100%
• 18 months – increased by 1.1% to 72.6%
• 2 years – increased by 1.4% to 70.3%
• 3.5 years – increased by 1.6% to 64.4%
• Increased participation of Aboriginal children and families
• 628,051 Key Ages and Stages consultations were conducted in 2011-12
MCH Services: building on a strong platform
Victoria’s MCH Service is leading the way
across Australia and internationally
The MCH universal platform achieves
several important public benefits
A public health function covering the
entire population
Local government = major provider and of
services for children and families
The evidence base for ‘leading the way’
Connecting to local community
supports, activities and services
Identifying issues early on, at every
stage of a child’s development
Participation rates
Satisfaction levels
Other leading aspects: Victoria and MCH
• First national trial of sustained
nurse home visiting
Expanding data availability
Agility and flexibility
Where are we now headed?
We need to maintain a high quality, evidence based universal service for all
children and families, while giving priority to, and improving outcomes for,
vulnerable children and families.
What are we going to do
Look at how the MCH Service could work even better to achieve the best
outcomes for children and their families based on the latest evidence
Work closely with local government and other relevant experts and
stakeholders to make sure we are heading in the right direction
From there we will be able to identify short, medium and long term reform
directions for the MCH service.
Supporting vulnerable children must be a priority
The need for change
(the ‘burning platform’)
Some children are more
at risk than others
There are new approaches
to service delivery
Although Victoria’s
children are faring well
overall, this is not the
case for all children
Progressive universalism
Our knowledge base is
constantly improving and
there is a need to focus
on outcomes and quality
Health, learning and
development are
intrinsically linked
Improving service
efficiency and
More can be done to
improve outcomes and
target services to
particularly vulnerable
Strong universal service:
differentiated approach to
meeting needs
Multi-Agency Support
Recognising the importance
of governance for promoting
Next steps…
• Continue to work tirelessly to improve outcomes for children and
• Continue to work closely with vulnerable families to achieve
better outcomes
• Continue conversations and work together with you to support
you in your vital work.

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