Procedures for requesting translation services

Oakland Unified School District
Family, School &
Community Partnerships
Translation and
Interpretation Policy
Background Information
On October 9, 2013, OUSD Board of
Education adopted Amendment – Board
Policy (BP) and Administrative Regulations
(AR) – Student – Communications with
Parent and Guardian and renaming each
as 5124 – Communication with
Parent/Guardian; Translation and
Interpretation Services.
Legal Requirements for
Translation Services
According to Education Code 48985(a), if 15% or more of the
students in a school speak a single primary language other than
English, all written notices to the parents of these students shall be
provided in that primary language and in English.
Use the CALPADS (formerly called R30) report to determine your
translation/interpretation needs.
If a school site does not have bilingual staff in the appropriate
language(s), request services from OUSD Family, School &
Community Partnerships - Translation Services.
IMPORTANT: The District and Schools shall NOT use any minor to interpret
or translate any communications in which there is a potential risk that
confidential information may be disclosed.
Translation Policy Highlight
Any document or communication about a
specific student sent to a parent/guardian
must be translated into a language the
parent/guardian can understand regardless of
the percentage of students in the school or
the District who speak the language.
Interpretation must also be provided where
necessary to enable parent/guardian to
understand communications with school and
District staff concerning their student.
Please refer to AR 5124 for more information.
The purpose of this policy is ensuring
that, consistent with the law and to the
fullest extent practicable, English learners
and parents who speak languages other
than English are provided translation and
interpreting services, when necessary.
Translation and interpreting services
allow families of other language
backgrounds to fully participate in the
education of their children by receiving
communication of high quality, equal to
the communication provided in English to
other families.
Procedures for requesting
translation services
Oral - all requests should be made at least 2 weeks in advance
◦ First come first serve
◦ Requires the following information prior to scheduling
translator(s) to assist you
 Name of Requester/Contact person and contact number
 Purpose of Meeting
 Date, Time and Location for meeting
 Projected duration of the meeting
 Names of student and parents and their contact
number(s) if this is an individual student meeting
Procedures for requesting
translation services
How to make your requests
 Email your documents to [email protected]
 Step 1 - Call 510-273-1665 to reserve your time slot
 Step 2 - Send an email to [email protected] for
Please contact Angel Ho, Program Manager
for Translation Services at 510-273-1665
or email [email protected]

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