Forensic Toxicology Drug Testing Laboratory

Forensic Toxicology
Drug Testing Laboratory
MAJ Karen McCart
Commander, Fort Meade FTDTL
2490 Wilson Street, Fort Meade, MD 20755
301-677-3758 (DSN 622); [email protected]
24 March 2010
AR 600-85, The Army Substance Abuse Program
Deter drug abuse by forensically identifying drugs of
abuse in DOD personnel.
Assist commanders, Medical Review Officers, and
military lawyers in interpreting laboratory results.
Provide litigation and expert witness support for all
adverse actions.
Workload (FY09)
• 700,000 service member specimens
• 150,000 civilian specimens
• 687 litigation packets (military)
• 54 litigation packets (civilian)
• 250 cases scheduled; 44 presented
– (Separation Boards, Courts-Martial)
• 11 cases scheduled; 1 presented
– (Merit System Protection Boards)
• Manage staff of 70 administrative and
scientific personnel.
• Provide oversight of all forensic operations.
– Ensure test results reported with 100% scientific
accuracy and are forensically supportable in
courts of law.
• Evaluate and improve laboratory productivity,
efficiency, and quality.
• Ensure compliance with DOD and DHHS
regulatory requirements.
• Implement annual budget of $7.2M.
Deputy Commander
• Serve as the Commanding Officer in the
absence of the Commander.
• Serve as an expert witness/consultant at
Courts Martial.
• Provide technical advice and consultation
to Commanders, lawyers, and other DOD
• Enhance FTDTL and DOD knowledge
base and testing capabilities.
Operations Officer
• Monitor and evaluate production numbers.
• Scrutinize all operational processes to
evaluate efficiency and proactively identify
• Coordinate scheduling and staffing for
unusual circumstances (e.g., construction,
• Serve as an expert witness/consultant at
Courts Martial.
Additional Duties
NSPS Pay Pool Manager
Training Officer
Government Purchase Card Holder
Defense Travel System Approving Official
Facilities Manager
As needed
– Investigating Officer
– Deciding Official
New to the Drug Program?
• Complete training in each laboratory
• Become certified as a Laboratory
Certifying Official and Expert Witness.
• Serve as inspector of other DOD labs.
• Attend annual Joint Service conference.
Career Development
• Develop excellent leadership skills.
• Learn all aspects of civilian personnel
• Interact with wide range of personnel from
other agencies (ASAP, AFIP, JAG, MROs,
unit Commanders, other FTDTLs, ADCOs)
• Opportunity to hold a Command position.
Assignment Opportunities
Fort Meade FTDTL
Deputy Commander
Operations Officer
Tripler FTDTL
Deputy Commander
Executive Officer
MEDCOM (Fort Sam Houston)
Army Program Manager
Jacksonville, FL
San Diego, CA
Great Lakes, IL
Air Force FTDTL
San Antonio, TX
AFIP - Dover, DE
OASD(HA) - Falls Church, VA
Director, Drug Testing and
Program Policy

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