Huang Ho Han Civilization

Huang Ho Han Civilization
By: Emily, Michaela, Sebastian,
Austin, Jeffrey
• The greatest architecture in the Han dynasty
was the Great Wall of China.
• The Great Wall of China was made from
bricks, stones, and dirt.
• Slabs of stones were used for the base and
• Then they filled the cracks with dirt, rocks, and
• There were two types of homes in the Han
• One is made of grass or reeds over holes in
the ground.
• The other one is made of wood covered with
• Common religions in the Han dynasty was
Daoism and Confucianism.
• There was a heavy belief that shens, or spirits,
influenced families and the world.
• They did many ethical rituals that were very
important to them.
• Daoism is living life, hope, happiness, and
following your dreams.
Daoism was created around 100 A.D.
It quickly grew from 200A.D- 700A.D.
Yin Yang was a symbol of Daoism.
Later on the believers of Daoism converted to
believers of Buddhism.
• The government in the Han dynasty had
changed a lot since the Shang dynasty.
• The emperor used many government officials
to help him run his vast empire.
• The Han civilization government’s was a
• A bureaucracy is a form of government that is
structured like a pyramid.
• A bureaucracy has few people at the top and
many at the bottom.
• At each level people direct the lower level.
• Lower-leveled officials lived throughout the
• Lower official’s jobs were checking roads and
canals and making sure that enough grain was
produced in case of famine.
• Civil servents were hired based on their
ability and knowledge, not their social status.
• To become civil servants a young man ha d to
pass a difficult test.
• They had to memorize five books and spent
long periods of time in tiny rooms studying
• Once civil servants were hired they were not
allowed to serve at home.
• The climate in the Han civilization was
different in different areas.
• The inner part of the Huang Ho Han
civilization was closer to the sea level.
• The Inner Han civilization was very warm and
wet so this temperature was perfect for
growing rice and catching seafood.
• The outer part of the Huang Ho Han civilization
was by the Himalaya Mountains.
• By the Himalayas it was bitterly cold. There was
only 50 days without frost.
• The Outer Han civilization was too cold for crops
but was fine for raising livestock, especially yaks.
• By the Northwestern deserts it was very, very
• It can get so hot that raindrops could evaporate
before they even touched the ground.
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