Microjustice Kenya - Microjustice Workplace

Microjustice Kenya: Innovation of
Legal Services for the Poor in
Nairobi, Kenya
Priscilla Nyokabi, Gertrude Angote &
Jin Ho Verdonschot
Phomh Penh, Cambodia
Microjustice Kenya
Making justice available to the poor:
- Fair, transparent outcomes
- Affordable and fast
- Close to their homes
- Sustainably delivered
Kituo Cha Sheria
Oldest human rights and legal aid institution
Legal aid
Legal education
(Public interest) litigation
Community mobilization
Capacity building
Access to Justice Challenges in Kenya
Needs and capabilities in Nairobi slums
Access to Justice Challenges in Kenya
Lengthy, complex & costly procedures
Too few lawyers for too many legal problems
Non-transparency of law & legal mechanisms
Lack of resources (for training paralegals, lawyers, judges)
Illiteracy & in-adequate awareness
Language of the law (technical, abstract, difficult)
Nascent judicial reforms
Microjustice Kenya
What are we going to do?
• Sharing rules
• Website
• Sms-helpdesk
• Business models
Sharing Rules
How to determine:
• a reasonable amount child support?
• a reasonable compensation in case of eviction
due to project development?
• A reasonable sum for rent?
Sharing Rules Example Child Support
After a divorce or split up, both of the parents remain financially responsible for
raising the children (costs for food, housing, clothing, education, medical, etc.). It is
common, especially for younger children, that the mother gets custody. The father
then pays maintenance money (child support). Usually this is between 30%-50% of
his monthly income.
Example 1
Husband's profession is taxi driver. He makes 30.000 KES per month. The wife took care
of the children and has no job. They have two children of which one goes to
- Rent: 5.000-10.000 KES per month
- Public school fee: 1.000 KES per month
- Food: 5000 KES per month
Total per month: 11.000-16.000 KES
Following the new Constitution for Kenya, maintenance money needs to be paid for
both children born in and outside of marriage.
Sharing Rules
Do you use sharing rules (formulas, percentages,
practical guidelines?
Do you think they are useful?
Microjustice Kenya Website
Microjustice Kenya
Microjustice Kenya Website
What do you think of such a website?
Who would use it?
Microjustice Kenya Helpdesk
SMS helpdesk
Microjustice Kenya
Who uses a helpdesk (question and answer)?
What examples of other ways for quickly and
affordably ask questions do you know?
Business model
How to:
• cover costs for offices, travelling, etc.?
• compensate facilitators for the hard work they
• enable facilitators to stay up to date?
• reduce donor dependency?
Paralegals as microjustice facilitators
What are the challenges in working with
Microjustice Kenya
- Slow courts
- Expensive
- Corruption
- Not so just outcomes?
Measure Impact and Improve
Measure Impact and Improve
Finding out what works
Microjustice Kenya: objectives
• Transparency and concreteness of justice
• Financial sustainability for facilitators and legal
aid NGOs
• Share experiences on the Workplace

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