Grade 10 Option Card Presentation - Wellington Catholic District

Grade 10
Option Card Presentation
Graduate Requirements
• 30 credits
• OSSLT success or the Grade 12 Literacy
Course (OLC 4O1)
• 40 hours of community service
Grade 11 Compulsory Courses
• English
• Religion
• Math
Other Compulsory Courses
• Second credit in Health and Physical Education
OR the Arts ,OR Business OR COOP
• Third credit in Science, OR a Technological
Education course OR COOP
Before you choose…
• Research your options, know the prerequisites
to help you select your courses
• University?
• College/Apprenticeship/Trades?
• All pathways, including workplace?
Course Pathways
Academic (D)
University (U)
Applied (P)
College (C)
Locally Developed (L)
Workplace (E)
Open (O)
Open (O)
Mixed (M)
English and Religion
ENG 3U1 (University) ENG 2D
ENG 3C1 (College) ENG 2D or ENG 2P
ENG 3E1 (Workplace) ENG 2L
EMS 3O1 (Media Studies) ENG 2P or 2D
• HRT 3M1 (Mixed) (university pathway)
• HRF 3O1 (Open)
MCR 3U1 (Functions) MPM 2D
MCF 3M (Functions and Applications) MPM 2D/2P
MBF 3C (Foundations for College) MPM 2P
MEL 3E1 (Math for Work and Everyday life)
SBI 3U1 (Biology) SNC 2D
SCH 3U1 (Chemistry) SNC 2D
SPH 3U1 (Physics) SNC 2D
SBI 3C(Biology) SNC 2P
SVN 3M1 (Environmental Science) SNC 2D1 / SNC 2P
SVN 3E1 (Environmental Science)
any Grade 9 Science
The Arts
ADA 3M1 (Dramatic Arts) ADA 1O or 2O
ASM 3M1 (Media Arts) any grade 9 or 10 arts course
AMI 3M1 (Instrumental Music) AMI 1O or 2O
AVI 3M1 (Visual Arts) AVI 1O or 2O
Business Studies
• BAF 3M1 (Financial Accounting)
• BDI 3C1 (Entrepreneurship: The Venture)
• BTA 3O1 (Information and Communication
Technology) e-learning only
Canadian and World Studies
• CGF 3M1 (Physical Processes and Disasters)
CGC 1D or 1P
• CGG 3O1 (Travel and Tourism)
CGC 1D or 1P
Canadian and World Studies
• CHA 3U1 (American History) CHC 2P1 or 2D1
• CHW 3M1 (World History to the end of the 15th Century)
CHC 2P1 or 2D1
Canadian and World Studies
• CLU 3M1 (Understanding Canadian Law)
CHC 2P1 or 2D1
• CPC 3O1 (Politics in Action)
Social Sciences and Humanities
• HPC 3O1(Raising Healthy Children)
• HNC 3C1 (Understanding Fashion)
• HSP 3U1 (Intro to Anthropology, Psychology
and Sociology) CHC 2D1 or ENG 2D1
• HSE 3E1 (Equity, Diversity and Social Justice)
French as a Second Language
• FSF 3U1 (Core French)
Health and Physical Education
• PAF 3O1 (Personal and Fitness Activities)
• PPL 3OF/3OM (Healthy Active Living)
• PAL 3OM (Football & Leadership
Computer Studies
• ICS 3U1 (Introduction to Computer Science)
• ICS 3C1 (Introduction to Computer
First Nations, Metis and Inuit Studies
• NBV 3C1
(Beliefs, Values and Aspirations of Aboriginal
Peoples in Contemporary Society)
CHC 2P1 or 2D1 or NAC 2O1
*Can be taken instead of World Religions as a
Religion credit.
Technological Education
• TGJ 3M1 (Communications Technology)
• TGJ 3MY (Yearbook and Web Design)
Technological Education
• TEJ 3M1 (Computer Engineering)
Technological Education
• TFJ 3E1 (Hospitality and Tourism)
• TFJ 3C1 (Hospitality and Tourism)
Technological Education
• TTJ 3C1 (Transportation Technology)
Cooperative Education
• Co-op is a program allowing students to earn
credits while completing a work placement in
the community
• Two credit workplace experience
• Morning or Afternoon Placements
Cooperative Education (Co-op)
• RCOOP (regular) in Co-operative Education
folder on myBlueprint website
• TCOOP (technology) in Co-operative
Education folder on myBlueprint website*
(*technology course must also be completed)
Summer School Co-op
Two credit workplace experience
Great opportunity for SHSM students
8 night classes in May and June
Placements are full days, Monday – Friday in
month of July
• Student must suggest possible placements
• Online Application, written application and
reference forms are MARCH 2nd with
registration package
Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM)
• A program that allows students to take
courses in an area of interest
• Students have opportunities to explore,
identify, and refine career goals and make
decisions about next steps
• Discover connections between course studies
and future careers
• Earn certifications and qualifications
Specialist High Skills Major
• Environment
• Not for Profit
JNFP11 (CLU 3M & HRF 3O)
• Transportation
• Health and Wellness
HWC11 (Hospitality) OR individual science and/or health
and physical education courses
Specialist High Skills Major
• All programs found in SHSM folder in myBlueprint
• Complete application by MARCH 2nd, 2015
Off-Site District Programs
• Students attend another school or site
location for entire semester, taking all courses
there for the semester OR travel back to St.
James for other courses
• Students obtain city bus pass to travel back
and forth
Off-Site District Programs
• Construction SHSM
Homebuild (HOME11)
Renovation (RENO 11)
• M&T Graphics Factory (GRAPH)
(1/2 day creating real graphic advertisements)
• All programs found in Off-Site District Programs
folder on myblueprint website
Off-Site Pathways Exploration Courses
• Students attend another school or site
location for entire semester, taking all courses
there for the semester
• Students obtain city bus pass to travel back
and forth
Off-Site Pathways Exploration Courses
Our Lady of Lourdes
• TMJ 3E1, 3C1, 3M1 (Manufacturing)
Bishop Macdonell
• TCJ 3E1 (Construction)
• TWJ 3E1 (Woodworking)
• TDJ 3M1 (Technological Design)
• All programs found in Off-Site Pathways Exploration
Courses folder on myBlueprint website
Other School-Based District Programs
• Students must transfer to Our Lady of Lourdes
or Bishop Macdonell for both grade 11 and
grade 12 in order to have access to all
components of the program that is only
offered at that school site
Our Lady of Lourdes
Bishop Macdonell
Manufacturing SHSM
Communications SHSM
Business SHSM
International Baccalaureate
E-Learning Courses
• Assignments submitted online
• There is a teacher, but not ‘face to face’
• Students are able to ask questions through
• Course work can be done at school or at home
• All courses offered are found in elearning
courses folder on myBlueprint website
E-Learning Courses
Successful students need to have…
• Strong management skills
• Independent, self-disciplined
• Expertise in using the computer for email,
word-processing, using the internet
• Expect 75 minutes of work per day
• Students have more flexible hours during the
day as there is no scheduled class
E-Learning Course Offerings
• BTA 3O1 – Information and Communications
e-learning only
• SPH 3U1 – Physics possible e-learning
found in elearning courses folder on
myBlueprint website
• Course options, including application forms (if
necessary) are due in homeroom along with
your registration package by MONDAY
• We will begin collecting this information in
homeroom during the last week of February
• Login to and complete
course options
• Course calendar with detailed description of
courses is found on our school website
• Be sure to click submit after you have chosen
your courses
• Print hard copy and return with registration in
• Follow us on Twitter at stjguidance

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