AMI Home Area Network
SAG Meeting
March 18, 2014
Delivering on the Promise of AMI
 ComEd is focusing on an initiative, framed around the concepts described in the AMI
Plan Chapter 3 – Customer Applications, to emphasize the benefits and value
customers receive from the AMI deployment
 ComEd believes its position is to establish itself as a leader in setting the vision of an
AMI-enabled customer and clearly articulate these messages to its customers
 ComEd believes its role will vary by each product or service and aligned to one of
these five strategies:
1. Enable – third parties develop new applications (products/services) that run on ComEd platform. Enable
in a variety of ways – e.g. providing data, or technology (test bed)
2. Partner – with developers to demonstrate their applications
3. Facilitate – introduce products and services to our customers. Example: provide an online marketplace
on our web page for customer devices, services and web apps
4. Promote – get the message out about the kinds of things customers are doing (BOMA, Nest)
5. Deliver – ComEd designs and delivers projects (i.e. PTS, demand response, energy efficiency)
 Establish “Co-Creation” process leveraging “Enablement” workshops with stakeholders, key
industry participants, and customers to accelerate the advancement of value creation
• Example: Sponsored Innovation Competitions
Delivering on the Promise of AMI
 ComEd is delivering approximately 15 products and services in 2013 – 2014 that
directly deliver value to customers derived from the AMI Implementation. Example
products and services include:
Peak Time Savings
Green Button Download
My Energy Tools integrated into ComEd.com / High Usage Alerts
Nest Thermostat Energy Efficiency / Demand Response pilot
Smart Grid Home Showcase
RMUD Phase 1- PEV/TOU Interval Data
HAN Initiative
 Project team has brainstormed over 75 products or services that could be enabled,
offered through partnership, promoted or delivered.
• Of this list, ComEd has defined an initial set of approximately 20 products and
services that ComEd can help bring to the market either through partnerships,
promotions, or direct delivery that will have a meaningful impact across the
various ComEd customer segments
• ComEd is currently reviewing the initial set, developing project charters, and
establishing a 2014 release schedule for these products / services
HAN Initiative Sneak Peek
 ComEd is planning to enable customer purchase of their own Home Area Network
devices and have them connected to their Smart Meter
Customers will be able to monitor energy usage and cost in near real-time
Open initially to any residential ComEd customer with a Smart Meter
 An innovative concept for program design
Modeled after programs launched in 2013 by the California IOUs
Establish partnerships with 3rd party equipment providers
 Marketing
Plan to support promotion with outbound messaging and press coverage, but device vendors will be
encouraged to market directly to customers
 Device Certification
Initial creation of a ComEd device certification – largely standards-based
As an industry, we are not yet to plug-and-play
 Customer Sign-up / Device Commissioning
Customer will initiate request through ComEd.com
 Customer Service
Support available from ComEd and device vendor partners
HAN team will handle technical escalation issues directly

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