User scenario – Tsunami detection – Best

Tsunami Use Case
• Tsunami modelling and early warning systems for near source
areas (Mediterranean, Juan de Fuca) -> mutual need for
tsunami event field data and modeling to deepen our
experience in testing methodology and developing real-time
data processing
• sensor registry is available from EMSO, form of data/metadata
exposure for CoopEUS is being worked out as OOI interface
Tsunami Use Case
• a working workshop will be held in San Francisco, adjacent to
AGU 2014, involving key people from EMSO, OOI, and ONC
(and possibly other international tsunami experts) to address
the following:
– Sensors: agree on settings; gap analysis of sensor coverage
– Data: compare/harmonise/align sensor metadata, and registries; data
policy and access
– Modeling: collaborative framework for testing already available
algorithms for tsunami detection
Tsunami Use Case
Tsunami Parameters
seafloor ground velocity
seafloor ground
seismic wave velocity in
seafloor water pressure
water density
water temperature
• broad-band
• accelerometers
• hydrophones
• bottom pressure sensor
• CTDs

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