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Company Research:
Locating the 10-k and 20-f
Olivia Olivares
Spring 2011
Revised Spring 2013
To find the 10-k and 20-f for companies
publicly traded in the United States,
visit the US Securities and Exchange
Commission at
The Quick Search box is available at the
top of the screen. Enter the name of a
publicly traded company to retrieve the
10-k or 20-f.
For a sample search, we’ll use
Target. If you search for “Target”
only, you’ll have to look through a
list of companies with similar
names to locate the desired
company. You can usually tell the
difference by reading the SIC
description. In this case, Target is
classified under “Retail-Variety
For a more efficient search, enter as
much of the name of the company as
you know. For example, “Target Corp.”
will retrieve a much more narrow result
than “Target.”
To retrieve 10-ks only, limit your
document search to 10-ks only by
entering “10-k” in the “Filing Type”
search box. NOTE: you must enter
10-k just like that, with a hyphen
and a lowercase k.
The 10-k is usually the first document
listed on the subsequent page. Click the
link at right to retrieve it.
The next page will be the 10-k.
This is usually over 100 pages
long, so it’s best to read
through the document and
decide what parts you need
before printing.
Scroll down for a table of contents. The entire
document is important, but for a good review
of the company’s primary business, plant
locations, where in the country and/or in the
world it operates, etc., read Part I, Item 1. For
a list of company threats and weaknesses,
including possible lawsuits against the
company, read Item 1A, Risk Factors.
In cases where a company that is headquartered outside of the USA sells shares
on an American stock exchange, the SEC requires an annual filing of Form 20-f,
which is very similar in reporting requirements and content to the 10-k. You can
find the 20-f the same way you find 10-ks.
Here we have the 20-f for Nokia, which is based in Finland but sells shares on
the New York Stock Exchange.
Like the 10-k, the 20-f comes with a
table of contents. Here, the business
description is located in Item 4, 4A-D,
and the risk factors are located in Item
Please contact:
Olivia Olivares, business research specialist
James W. Miller Library
Saint Cloud State University
[email protected]
(320) 308-4822

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