Program Leadership

Fall 2011 BAH/JMU Mentor Program
Herndon, VA
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Table Of Contents
 Program Overview
 Program Leadership
 Program Expectations
 Program Schedule
Program Overview
 The purpose of the BAH/JMU Mentor Program is to provide current JMU students with advice
and tools to help them to be successful with their transition into the professional world.
 The program will focus on enriching the student experience at JMU and strengthening alumni
relationships with the university by partnering students with current Booz Allen employees who
are JMU alumni.
 The program targets interested CIS&MS upperclassmen who have demonstrated leadership
potential and performed well academically. As a result of the program, students will have
access to resume review, interviewing techniques and practice, and valuable professional
contacts from some of the industry’s top professionals.
 This past spring, Booz Allen launched the first official Mentor Program at JMU and the
program was a success! Booz Allen hired 2 summer interns and 1 full-time consultant from
the program.
Program Leadership
Dr. Richard Mathieu (left) was the Department Head for JMU's Computer
Information Systems and Management Science departments. This year, Dr.
Mathieu is transitioning into the COB Associate Dean position. Dr. Jeffrey May
(right) is an instructor of Computer Information Systems and Management Science
at JMU. Both Dr. Mathieu and Dr. May serve as Booz Allen Mentor Program
liaisons and foster communication between Booz Allen program leaders and
mentors, and JMU mentees.
Osama Malik (left – Senior Associate), Laura
Gilstrap (middle – Senior Consultant), and Carl
Hurlebaus (right – Consultant) are all Booz
Allen consultants aligned to the Strategic Technology
and Innovation team within the Technology capability
at the Herndon, VA location. They are all JMU
graduates and are responsible for organizing the
Booz Allen Mentor Program and fostering
communication between Booz Allen mentors and
JMU mentees.
Program Expectations
 Based on past mentor/mentee feedback, there are a number of required and optional activities listed below that mentors and
mentees will work together to complete throughout the semester. The "required activities" list represents the most basic set of
professional activities that will be crucial to JMU students' career development. These skills are important to master and will
build a solid foundation for future success. The "optional activities" list was put together based on mentor/mentee feedback as
additional activities that have been helpful to past students. Based on each student's goals and needs, mentors and mentees
should work together to choose 3-5 optional activities to complete.
Required Activities
Optional Activities
1. Resume Update and Review
2. 30 Second "Elevator Pitch"
3. Interview Skills and Practice
4. Mock Interview (phone, Skype, or in-person)
5. Update Progress on Mentee Page
1. Cover Letter Example
2. Success Story Reference Guide
3. Attend Career Fair (October 3rd)
4. Attend 1-2 JMU Professional Events
5. Professional Email Etiquette
Program Schedule
 The program follows a tentative schedule throughout the semester, but is tailored to fit each student's individual goals and needs. Both
juniors and seniors are participating in the program, and Booz Allen mentors understand that goals will vary. While some students are
seeking an internship, others are seeking full-positions, and some students are simply seeking to enhance their professional skills and
understanding of the consulting field.
Program Kick-off: September 19th, 2011
Program Conclusion: December 10th, 2011
The following schedule of activities has been put together that mentors and mentees should follow tentatively:
Personal Profile Preparation: Mentors will work with mentees to build confidence and help student to learn how to position
themselves in a competitive market. The first exercise will entail creating a 30 second elevator speech in preparation for the semester
Career Fair opportunity (October 3rd)
Resume Review: The Booz Allen mentors will conduct a resume review with each student, making suggestions based on industry
experience and best practices. Mentees will also focus on developing “success” stories, i.e. experiences that they can speak to that
will address typical questions asked during informal and formal interviews.
Mock Interview: Each student will be given at least one mock interview with personalized feedback to help prepare them with actual
interview questions and suggested responses. While all interviews may not be conducted in person, phone or Skype interviews may
be suitable alternatives.
Introduction to Consulting: Each student will come away with a basic understanding of the consulting industry, where to start if they
are interested in starting a consulting career, and valuable networking advice.

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