How did Pearl Harbor impact the outcome of WWII?

Pearl Harbor
•Pearl Harbor was
Greatest Air attack over
the Oceans ever seen.
•7 December 1941
•Secret attack planned by
Pearl Harbor: Japanese
They Came in 2 waves, 1st at 7:40
from the west, 2nd at 8:50 from
the east
Involved 6 major battleships
420 planes
Fast battle ships
Large submarines equipped with
mini subs for close to shore
harbored ships
Pearl Harbor: After Effects
on America
 Had set up “Battleship Row”
in which they had some of
their strongest ships.
 Japanese attempted to crush
them all (9 ships where sunk)
 Main targets hit where:
 Navy ships  8 sunk
 Aircrafts  2/3 where
destroyed/out of use
 Docks/harbors
 Navy yards  2400
Americans killed
Battle of the Coral Sea
•Japanese goal was
to invade Port
•Japan was forced
to cancel their Port
Moresby seaborne
•2 carrier was
eliminated for the
upcoming Midway
Battle of Midway
•June 4-7 of 1942
•It was a Major tuning
point of the Pacific War
•The Japanese Goal was to
knock out the American
defenses and establish a
Japanese airbase
•US were able to took
offensive after their victory
D- Day
•June 6 of 1944
•Major turning
point of WWII
•Great Britain,
American and
Canada invaded
the beaches of
•Able to get a firm
hold on Hitler’s
“fortress Europe”
•US force was
center of Omaha
•Able to overrun
the German beach
defenses by July 25
Battle of the Bulge
•December 16 of 1944
to end of January of
•Hitler intension was
to separate Britain
troop from the US
troop enable to seize
power at Antwerp
•Largest battle fought
by the US, 600,000
US contribution
•Increasing streams of supplies
from the US were reaching
anti-axis fighting force
throughout the world
•Helped Britain survive 1940 by
providing destroyer
•Collaborating in North Africa,
invasion of Italy and then
•Nuclear weapon that made the
Japanese surrender.
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