Who Are Professional Surety Bond Producers?

Among the most important advisors to a
construction firm are:
Professional surety bond producer
Knowledgeable construction/surety attorney
Construction-oriented certified public accountant
Business banker
This presentation will focus on professional
surety bond producers.
Business professionals who specialize in
providing surety bonds to contractors,
subcontractors, and other construction project
Bond producers are knowledgeable about the
surety and construction industries.
Unlike most insurance agents, surety bond
producers focus their main activities on the
surety market and positioning construction firms
to qualify for surety credit.
Bond producers provide invaluable business
advice to contractors, subcontractors and
Bond producers must be licensed by the
state(s) in which they do business.
They are licensed by the state Department of
To obtain a license, bond producers must
complete coursework requirements and pass
a written examination and background check.
Offer advice and expertise to assist the
contractor secure a surety credit relationship
Advise and assist the contractor on how to
increase its surety credit, if appropriate
Match the needs and strengths of the
contractor to a surety that will support it
Nurture a successful relationship between the
contractor and the surety company
Compile financial documents for submission
to the surety company
Review relevant portions of the contractor’s
contracts to help identify risk issues
Maintain communication channels between
the contractor and the surety company
Serve as a resource for providing the
contractor with referrals for other types of
professionals, such as accountants, attorneys
and bankers
Mutual commitment
Respect and trust
Clear communication
Say what you mean and do what you say
Is the producer licensed in your jurisdiction and
that of the project?
Does the producer have a reputation for integrity?
What percentage of his/her business is
construction clients?
Does he/she understand the construction
Does he/she have knowledge of construction
contracts and subcontracts?
Does he/she understand construction accounting
Does he/she have knowledge of surety markets
and have solid relationships with surety
Does the producer serve the needs of small
Is the producer actively involved in the National
Association of Surety Bond Producers?
Is he/she actively involved in local, regional and
national construction associations?
Is he/she committed to frequent client contact
through newsletters, site visits and visits to client
The National Association of Surety Bond Producers
(NASBP) is a national trade association comprised of
surety agencies and brokerage firms, whose
employees—the bond producers--are dedicated to
professionalism and expertise in surety.
For names of professionals specializing in surety
bonds, visit the NASBP membership directory.
This directory is on the NASBP website at
Many state insurance department websites have a list
of bond producers who have a current license.
You may wish to check this list, if available, or call the
insurance department directly to ask about licensure.

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