Diligent Search Tutorial (PPT)

a Caseworker Toolkit
Agenda, continued…
• Where to Find Information
• What to Gather
• Family History- Trees and Genograms
• Where to Search
• How to Contact/ Engaging Families
National Projects
• QIC Non Residential fathers Programs:
“What about the Dads?”
“Bringing Back the Dads”
• Kevin Campbell: Center of Family Finding
and Youth Connectedness
Why do Diligent Searches?
• Mandated by law
• must be started with 72 hours of out of home placement
• limited time frame in which the search must be completed
• results documented
• filed with the court for review and approval
• By doing diligent search on “front-end”, likelihood of making
sound placement decisions is increased for the child to remain
with relatives
• Expedites permanency
• Delays in locating missing parents is a barrier that lengthens time
children stay in foster care
Where to Start
What Information to Gather:
 Military Service: Parents and Grandparents,
branch, stationed at which post, base.
Schools attended: Children, and parents,
graduation dates
How and where did parents meet?
Siblings of parents: How many? Older or
younger? Contact information.
Grandparents names: Occupation, address,
contact information.
Where to get this Information?
• Ask children over the age of six during interview or
home visits
• Ask current boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse of
involved parent
• Ask family friends and coworkers of parents
• Ask school teachers, guidance counselors, lunch
• Ask grandparents and siblings of parents
What to Ask?
Sample interview questions for children
Sample interview questions for parents
Ask if the person being sought has a
Colorado Drivers License?
Ask for school attendance for children and parents.
What to Ask?
Ask where did parents grow up? How did they
Ask about religious practices, spiritual values of
What interests did the person have; sports,
music, recreation?
What did he/she tell
the other parent about
Family History
Family Tree
Ask the parent/grandparent for family
bible, scrap books and family photos,
journals or diaries.
Use a pencil!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Family Tree
How to Contact?
Letter Template
Internet/Social Networking Site
Telephone Script
Do’s and Don’ts of phone calls
(Review phone script)
How to Search?
Networking Sites
Thank you for using this brief tutorial on Diligent Search
to supplement the Caseworker Toolkit provided by the
Colorado project site – Center on Fathering.
Fathering is for Life.

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