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Share Geddit and stay up to date with features:
Geddit: lets students give instant
feedback about their understanding
(1:1 classroom)
• Quick setup Web app/iOS for Students - no download
for student or teacher
• Works on any device Smartphone, tablet, laptop
• Free! Yay! Be sure to share the love :)
Formative Assessment
• Do I need to explain this again?
• Do I have evidence of understanding?
• Are we spending too much time on this?
• How can I measure improvement?
• Have I targeted each individuals needs?
When a teacher wants to check for
understanding, they simply ask students
to check in
Before you move onto the
next activity, I want you to
check in on Geddit
How students make a ‘check-in’
Teachers usually ask students to check-in around 5
times throughout a lesson (eg. once as an exit ticket!)
Let’s see the student
side in action!
Step One
Sign up as a student
Open an internet browser and go to:
Create a student account with your email address,
you can make up a student name.
Step Two
Step Three
Once a lesson starts, you can make a check-in
Student check-in appears on teacher screen in
real-time as the learning takes place.
SUPER quick & easy formative assessment data 
Geddit also does Q&A in real-time. Support student
check-ins with questions throughout your lesson.
Also work great as an exit/entry ticket!
Teachers can identify needs as they occur.
Effectively direct your attention
Form collaborative groups
based on ability
Facilitate P-2-P Coaching
Geddit feedback allows for dynamic grouping and the
ability to quickly facilitate peer-to-peer coaching.
No matter your class size, Geddit
gives every student a voice.
And that’s why
they love it!
All class data is saved and displayed back to the
teacher and student. Creating a common
language around learning.
Student Name: Colin Kaepernick
Let’s set up our own
teacher account!
Step One
Sign up as a teacher
Log out of your student account (top right) and then
create your teacher account at:
Step Two
Fill out your information
Step Three
Open your prepared demo lesson called Circulation.
press ‘Start Teaching’
Join as a student and make a ‘Check-in’
Make up a new Topic/Question to add to the lesson
 Click ‘End Lesson’ to view the analytics
Final Step
From the class page create your first new class
 Press
to prepare your very first
The Geddit Team LOVES to help teachers!
Geddit was created in Justin’s
classroom. He now supports
the needs of other teachers.
Don’t hesitate to contact him!
• Can I set up my class manually? Yes, you do
not need the class code if you do this.
•My students don’t have emails? That’s OK,
students can sign up with a username, eg.
Lunch number, student ID or
•Are you in the Chrome web-store? Yep!
•Are you in Apple app store? Yes, student only

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