Plenary: Recipes - Advanced Learning Alliance

You have just learnt a new method
in Maths. Write the ‘Recipe’ for it
giving step-by-step instructions for
somebody else to follow:
Choose a person to sit in the Mastermind
chair. The rest of the group writes
questions to ask them on a set subject. The
person is then asked questions in turn by
the rest of the group. A scorer counts the
amount of correct answers this person gets
in 3 minutes.
You have a post-it on your desk. Look
around the room and you will see two
Statements. Your teacher will tell you to
write an example on the post-it note to
stick next to one of the statements. You
will be then asked to check the post-it
notes by the other statement:
You are being given two pupils’ work on
topics you are currently learning about.
One is done correctly and one has one or
more errors. You need to decide which
one is correct: vote TICK and which one is
incorrect: vote TRASH. Use the tick and
cross pages in your homework diary to
vote TICK or TRASH!!
Work in groups of 3. Take it in turns to be
the speaker, the guesser and the shaker!
The speaker has to get the guesser to say the
word on the left WITHOUT saying any of the
words on the right! The shaker has a shaker
which is shaken if the taboo words are used!
The objective is to get the guesser to say as
many words as possible in the time limit.
You will change places after a few minutes.
You have a passage in front of you with
some missing words. These missing
words are key words in the topic that you
are learning at the moment. You have 2
minutes to fill in those blanks!
You have an A4 piece of cardboard. Write
clearly with felt tips a question on the topic
your teacher tells you. On the back write the
answer clearly. You will take it in turns to
present your question to the rest of the class.
Write down a question about the work
you have just done in the lesson.
After one minute turn around and ask
the question to the person behind
If you have time your teacher will
choose some of the questions to
discuss with the whole class.
In random groups of 4 you are given the task of
preparing an interesting and reflective plenary for a
topic .
In your group you need to discuss the topic and
produce 4 powerpoint slides including the following:
These need to be emailed to me and they will be put on
the VLE to be used for future revision.
A thorough recap on topic.
Include the main points and formulae.
History of the topic.
Links to real life situations.
Links to other topics.
You have a post-it on your desk.
This is your exit ticket to leave the
classroom. You have to write the
correct solution or formulae on the
ticket in order to obtain exit! The
teacher will be the ticket inspector!
You are going to be shown a
powerpoint show of real life
situations. Explain the maths
that is being used in each
You have a bingo template on your desk.
Choose 5 numbers from 1 to 10 and randomly
put them on your bingo card. These are
answers to the questions your teacher will read
out. Work out the answers and if it appears on
your card cross it off. If you are the first to
cross off all your numbers you are the winner!!
2 5 7 1 8
A student is selected to be in
the Hot Seat. All the other
students make up a question
to ask them. Students take it
in turns to ask their questions
to the student in the HOT
Form the graph y = x2 with your arms. Your
teacher is now going to ask you to form
different graphs with your arms!
Look around the room you will see a TRUE sign and a
FALSE sign. Your teacher will read out some
statements. Decide whether they are true or false and
then go and stand by corresponding sign. If you are
unsure (Amber) stand inbetween. Your teacher will
then ask you questions about your choices.
Use your mini-whiteboard to vote for what you
believe to be the correct answer for each
question. How much money will you be left
In your team, work out whether you have to go
across or up on the board. Your aim is to join
one of your sides to the other. The answer to
each question begins with the given letter.
You have a post-it note. You are now going to
consider the concept you have learned today and
how it links to other topics. Write down on your
post-it note a link to another topic. Take it in turns
to stick your post-it notes on a link on the chain.
Now read all the links and discuss as a class.
Consider the class tool-kit. What tools have we
needed to solve the problems met in class
today? e.g percentages, squaring, calculation of
volumes. Individuals will be asked to come
and get the laminated tools out of the toolbox.
Make a quick time-line of the lesson. This should be
chronological with 10 minute increments showing
what happened in the lesson. Get the students to mark
on the timeline where they learnt a number of things or
where they felt that they could answer the learning
objective. If you have time swap your timeline with a
partner and discuss the difference with your learning.

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