Speed Dating Marketing

Speed Dating Marketing
JULY 2012
First Impression
 Attire
 Manners
 Confidence
 Male vs. Female
Speed Dating Marketing
Be Prepared
 Research people that might be there that
you want to meet
 Psyching yourself up
Speed Dating Marketing
Name Tags
 What should it say
 Where do you wear it
 What others’ tags tell you
Speed Dating Marketing
Introducing Yourself
 How to make your approach
 Shake hands
 Look directly into eyes
 Clearly say your name and LLME
 Ask the individual who they are/what they do (if they
don’t ask you first!)
Speed Dating Marketing
Elevator Speech
 Why it should be short
 What it should include (and shouldn’t)
 Personal/emotional element (“storytelling”)
 Why is LLME different?
 When and where to use it
Speed Dating Marketing
Asking Questions
 What, where, how and why
 Analyze what they need
Speed Dating Marketing
 How you and LLME can help – ONLY IF
 If you don’t know the answer, that’s OK – but find
 Doesn’t has to be LLME related
Speed Dating Marketing
Asking for a Business Card
 Always have some with you
 ”It is easier to receive, then give.”
Speed Dating Marketing
Group Exercise
Speed Dating
Cocktail Party
Introduction & Chit Chat
Who do you want to date meet?
 What work do you want to do?
 What types of clients does LLME want
 Research
Speed Dating Marketing
Where to meet your fiancé targets and
contacts/referral sources
 Professional organizations (yours and your targets)
 Business meetings and receptions
 Off the clock gatherings
 Doing what you enjoy
 Seminars/educational/organization programs
 Airports, garages, train stations
Speed Dating Marketing
Follow-up strategies to do NOW
Initial Follow-Up
 Write on business card
 Add to Outlook (or other)
 LinkedIn Connection
 Send an email, or a handwritten note, or…?
 Add to LLME mailing/e-blast list(s)
 How to effectively use the firm’s materials
Speed Dating Marketing
Are We Compatible?
 Is it a target
 Is it a good client for LLME
Speed Dating Marketing
Plan your next date meeting
 Sit next to at organization or business meeting
 Meals (alone or with mutual acquaintance and/or
 Professional event invite
 Personal event invite (may/maybe not)
 New business meeting (bring someone else – you are
not alone!)
Speed Dating Marketing
Follow-up Strategies to do NOW and
continue to do LATER
Learn About Their Business
 Google
 Newspaper
 Trade pubs
 Trade industries
 LinkedIn
 Twitter
 Facebook
Speed Dating Marketing
Learn More About the Person
 Google
 LinkedIn
 Facebook (caution)
 Newspaper
 Trade pubs
 Trade industries
 Twitter
Speed Dating Marketing
 Introduction to other LLME professional(s)
 Refer business
 Keep in touch
Send info of interest
 Check in
 Ask questions, show an interest (and listen!)
Speed Dating Marketing
Getting Engaged
(or asking for the business)
 Asking existing clients vs. asking prospects
 Be comfortable, clear and direct
 Ask for the opportunity to propose
 How to ask
 Handling rejection
 Can I ask again?
 If you have a need in the future
Speed Dating Marketing
Group Exercise
(Asking for the Business)
Wrap Up
Thank you!
Teresa Warren
[email protected]
Twitter: @TeresaWarren
Facebook: facebook.com/tw2marketing

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