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The purpose of staff development is not just to
implement isolated instructional innovations;
its central purpose is to build strong
collaborative work cultures that will develop
the long-term capacity for change.
Michael Fullan
Coaching Academy
Bob Price [email protected]
Kathleen o’[email protected]
Working to see
change happen
Essential Question
Why Coaching?
Research on
With Instructional
Implementation rates
rise from 10% to 85%
University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning
The Case for Coaching
Teacher Efficacy
Student Achievement
School Culture
Student Achievement
The Set Up
The original idea – new Teacher Academy
 Agreement of district leadership
 Funding options
 Application Process
 Number of participants and workshop
 Logistics – time, place, agenda, guests,
materials, resources
 3 Learning sessions
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Coaches are:
Facilitators of meaning-making
 Posers of questions and problems
 Stimulators of higher order thinking
 Seekers of elaboration of responses
 Askers before tellers
Guiding Questions
Why instructional coaching?
What are characteristics, skills, and roles of effective
How do coaches build trusting relationships with those
they work with?
What are some useful strategies and techniques for
coaching visits?
Steve Barkley
The need for a team
 Coach all, start with high performing
Adult Relationships in Schools
 Parallel Play
 Adversarial
 Congenial
 Collegial
Roland Barth, 2005
A portrait of trust
Confidentiality pledge
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“Many hands working together
weaving a web of support help
coaches feel efficacious,
effective, and efficient in their
work, and most importantly
contribute to a culture of
professional collaboration that
helps students reach academic
Student Achievement
How do you define “Student Achievement
 Work in your group
 Express you meaning on the material
 Post your definition on a nearby wall
What are the characteristics of an
effective instructional coach, what do
they need to know and be able to do?
What are the parallels between
what this athletic coach does
and what an instructional coach
A common misconception of
the coaching role is that it is mainly about
conveying information
Sink or Swim
Roles of an Instructional Coach
Ten Roles of a Coach
Resource Provider
Data Coach
Curriculum Specialist
• Mentor
Classroom Supporter
Learning Facilitator
School Leader
Catalyst for Change
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Follow up
Explain what happened after they were in
the field for 8-10 months.
Dealing with Fierce Conversations
Susan Scott
Advocacy: The Elevator Pitch
Move to to Article expert groups.
 Create an “Elevator Pitch” – Advocating
for Coaching
 Consider the 5 points from the article
when developing your “Pitch”
Leading Up
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