The Behaviors of Coaching

The Behaviors of
A Roadmap to Teacher Reflection
Liz Norton
SAM Conference 2013
 To be able to effectively coach teachers or principals to
reflect on their practice and make instructional changes.
 Overview of the Roadmap to Reflection
 Overview of the Behaviors necessary to reach the desired
 Observe a model of coaching
 Practice coaching a partner
1. Reflect on current practice
2. Pack a suitcase of ideas
3. Make a plan to reach the destination
The Coaching Conversation Roadmap
 Use open-ended questions to guide the conversation
 Go from broad to narrow
 Stay Positive
Reflecting on Practice
(What does the teacher need to recognize in their practice?)
 These questions guide the teacher to recognize what occurred
in their practice.
 The goal is for the teacher to reflect and identify for
themselves the issue you saw that needs to be changed.
Talk to me about how you plan your lessons.
How do you ensure that students master your objective?
What do you consider as you plan for the assessment?
How did you know students mastered the objective today?
 With a partner, write some questions that would help you
guide the teacher to recognize the following problem:
You observed a teacher and students were off task throughout the
lesson. This was most likely due to the long lecture style she was
using. Students were to be taking notes, but were never provided
opportunities to work with other students or practice the skill. The
use of a gradual release model would have enhanced the learning
and engagement. (I do, we do, you do)
Pack a Suitcase
(What does the teacher need to be successful?)
 Ask questions that get the teacher to identify new ways of
doing things. (What can they add to their suitcase?)
 Where do they do this now?
 Where have they seen this before?
 If the teacher cannot identify ways to change, provide a model
or suggestions for what the teacher could do differently. (What
can you add to their suitcase?)
Make a Plan of Action
(How will the teacher work towards improving this practice?)
 Ask questions that guide the teacher to determine next
What might be a way you could assess students in the future?
What might you consider as you are planning your lessons in the future?
Who might be able to help you plan for assessments this week?
What support might you need to be able to plan assessments that allow you
to assess for mastery of your objectives?
 Provide wait time
 Paraphrase
 Accept all answers without judgment
 Watch for the 3 types of questions in the conversation.
 Reflecting on Practice
 Packing the Suitcase
 Making a Plan of Action
 Watch how I use wait time and paraphrasing to clarify
and guide the conversation
 Ask your partner to tell you something they would like
to work on.
 Ask questions that get them to reflect on their practice.
 Practice paraphrasing
 Try to follow the coaching conversation roadmap
(Reflect, Pack, Plan)
 On a post it note record:
 3 things you learned about coaching
 2 teachers you will use this type of coaching conversation
 1 person with whom you will share this new learning
Thank you!
 Liz Norton
[email protected]

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