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Lean Software Development Tips
and Tricks
Augusto “Gus” Evangelisti - PaddyPower PLC
E-mail: [email protected]
Twitter: @augeva
Lean principles
Eliminate Waste
Optimize The Whole
Focus On Customers
Energize Workers
Learn First
Deliver Fast
Build Quality In
Keep Getting Better
(Mary and Tom Poppendiek)
Tip #1: Easy
Identify waste
The Waste Snake
What you need
Whiteboard/A3 Sheet
Curious team
Tip #2: easy
Ask “Why?”
Ask “Why?”
Software is a liability
Resolving problems with very little software is of
great value
Let me tell you a story
1965 - US Army: “We need a cost effective
fighter jet that can reach speed of mach3”
Many companies tried, one succeeded let me
tell you a story
Thunderchief Vs Eagle
That means
Refuse solutions to unknown problems
understand what the real problem is (asking
“why?”) and then resolve that (Gojko Adzic)
What you need
Curious team
Tip #3: Medium
See the whole
Have you ever seen this?
What’s the solution?
That means
Focus on the full flow
Remove barriers, collaborate, be cross
functional, remove silo departments, whole
team responsibility and accountability, fight
What you need
Curious team
No barriers
No politics
One goal, one direction
Tip #4: Difficult
Have zero tolerance for
Bugs are waste
The worst kind of waste!
Don’t write them in the first place!
Focus on prevention TDD/BDD
Implement fast feedback loops
If a bug slips through
Fix it immediately
We don’t need to log categorize, sort, triage,
asses, fight over BUGS
We need to fix them so that our customers are
A bug management tool is another backlog,
ditch it, we’ve done it and we’re happy!
Collaborate and prevent
What you need
Curious team
No barriers
No politics
Passion for our craft
Tip #X: Easy
Don’t ask for permission,
beg for forgiveness!
What do these things have in
They were failures
What does this mean?
The wrong answer is the right answer to a
different question (Paul Sloane)
Experiment, try new things, things you’ve never
done before, accept failure and learn from it.
Only people that don’t innovate never fail.
You can only improve trying new things, you can
only innovate trying new things, don’t be
afraid of failure
Fail often
Fail cheap
How can I fail cheap? Prototyping, spiking, getting
fast feedback, speaking to the customers, getting
out of my building and speaking about my idea.
What you need
Curious team
Desire to learn
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These readings inspired me:
Lean Software Development - An agile toolkit (Mary and Tom Poppendiek)
Impact Mapping (Gojko Adzic)
The Lean Mindset: Ask the Right Questions (Mary and Tom Poppendiek)
The Innovative Leader(Paul Sloane)
More to come on:
Tip #6: Easy
Use communities of
practice to innovate
Tip #7: Difficult
Stop predicting, be

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