GCSE Business Studies

GCSE Business Studies Unit 1 Introduction To Small Businesses
GCSE Business Studies
Unit 1
Introduction to Small Businesses
1.2 Showing Enterprise
• To understand how mind maps can be used
by entrepreneurs to spot opportunities.
• To be able to identify key questions that
entrepreneurs ask
All students will create a mind map of their own
strengths and weaknesses
Most students will ask valid questions to
improve business knowledge
Some students will justify why some questions
are more important than others
GCSE Business Studies Unit 1 Introduction To Small Businesses
Lesson objectives and outcomes
Entrepreneur recap
• Let’s share some of your poems/rhymes that
you created last lesson.
• Have any helped you remember how to spell
the word Entrepreneur?
Mind Maps
• What is a mind map?
• In which situations have you found a mind
map useful?
developed by
Tony Buzan
Are designed to work
in the same way as
the brain and use…
Encouraging problem
Mind Maps
They are useful
Giving an overview of a
large topic area (E.g
They are not
designed to be neat!
They are unique to
every person
Since everybody thinks in
a different way!
Tips to creating an effective mind map
1. Start with a coloured image or box in the centre
of your sheet of paper.
2. Use plenty of images throughout your Mind
3. Titles should be printed in capital letters.
4. Use colours as they help memory recall and
stimulate creativity.
5. Be as spontaneous as possible. Don’t pause or
think about it, just explode on to the paper.
Task 1:
• Create a mind map in your booklets to show
your strengths and weaknesses.
• You should start with your name in the centre
of the page.
• Think outside the box – don’t just include
what you’re good or bad at in school. What
attributes do you have that make you
successful, and what holds you back?
Asking Questions
• When you were little you will
have asked lots of questions
so you could understand the
world better.
– Why is the sky blue?
– What if I don’t eat my
– When is granddad coming to
• When coming up with new
business ideas, an
entrepreneur needs to ask a
lot of questions in order to
fully explore the business
Why did the chicken cross the road?
In order to answer this question we may need to ask some more questions
Why not cross the road?
How did the chicken
cross the road?
Where was the road?
Where was the chicken
in relation to the road?
When did this take
What did the chicken do
once he had crossed the
Task 2:
• Using the mind map questions in your booklet
explore all the questions you may need to ask
when starting up a new enterprise.
• It will help to have a new business idea in your
– A new invention?
– A shop or service?
Task 3: Practice Exam Question
Which do you think are the two most important
questions that Ling Tan should be asking
herself? Justify your answer.
Marking Criteria
Level 3
A choice will be made with a clearly developed
justification. For example ‘Asking if there is a market
for a product is vital for any new business. Without a
market that will buy a product the product is highly
unlikely to be successful. The product must meet the
needs of the customers in this market or be changed
to meet them. Finance is also vital. Many new
businesses are profitable but fail because of cash
flow. One of the main reasons for this is lack of
sufficient start-up funds’.
• Come up with an original business idea (it can
• Fill in each box answering Why, What, Where,
How, and Why Not questions which relate to
your idea.
• The more detail the better!

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