Presenter Slide Template

A single combined PowerPoint™ file should be
submitted for the entire session.
Must be coordinated with your Program Chair.
Slides should be in presentation order
Slides should use the official slide template
Slides are considered final as submitted
Reminders and Notes
• Your slides are due on October 1st and are final as submitted.
• Please use Calibri Font, minimum size 22.
• Do not use copyrighted material without permission.
• VIDEOs - Notify us if you embed videos in your slides. Consider
sending your video(s) separately as a backup.
• Active Learning is required for all CE sessions. (See next slide for
more info)
Slides 1 & 2 are for your information only. Delete these slides before submitting your presentation.
Active Learning Techniques
 Self-Assessment Questions: Present questions for attendees to
reflect on what has been taught, to self-assess their learning.
 Interactive Scenarios: Present a scenario, ask attendees to
discuss possible solutions in small groups
 Application Exercise: Ask attendees to think about how they will
apply what they have learned
 Interactive Case Studies: Present a case, ask attendees questions
about the case
Presentation Title
Speaker Information
Basic Layout 1
• Add text
Basic Layout 2
• Add text
• Add text
Sample Question?
Insert answer
Insert answer
Insert answer
Insert answer
(True or False) Sample Statement
Sample Question?
Instructions for Key Takeaw
Key Takeaways
The last slide of your presen
detail 1 to 3 “Key Takeaway
presentation. These should
tools that attendees can tak
or IMPLEMENT right away.
• Key Takeaway #1
• Example: Preventing U-500 insulin medication
errors requires the layering of a multitude of
mitigation strategies to gain maximum effect.
• Key Takeaway #2
• Example: All stakeholders need to engage in
the program’s definition and execution to
ensure alignment with the intent and
achievement of “meaningful use”.
• Key Takeaway #3
• Example: Tool, template, checklist, reference,

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