The digital economy, big data and social media:
implications for the practice of management research
BAM Conference 9-11 September, 2014
Dr Richard Adams, University of Exeter
Dr Mark Coté, Kings College London
Dr. Albrecht Fritzsche, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Dr Juan Mateos-Garcia, NESTA
Dr Tobias Preis, Warwick Business School
Dr Helene Snee, Manchester Metropolitan University
Some challenges of big data and social media data for
management research
• Volume, variety, velocity (veracity)
– A whole new mode of engagement with data?
• Limitations of working with big data/social media data
– Is big data universal data?
• Research ethics
– Do we need to reconsider our approach?
• Researcher skills profile
– Who needs help implementing a computational approach to their
• Theory versus data mining
– What is the role of theory in the big data/social media data context?
• Presentation of findings
– What is the life expectancy for the dominant dissemination paradigm?
Discussion topics
• Scholars may require a variety of different types of support
in order to meaningfully integrate new practices into their
research: what would be appropriate?
– conceptual help in understanding how digital research activities
and methodologies can be thoughtfully integrated into your
– technical support for implementing digital research activities
and methodologies
• (How) can big data/social media data be used as a resource
for social scientists?
• What can be the unique contribution of social scientists in
an era of big data and social media data?
• How do social scientists react to the mass of social data
being generated, gathered and used by others?

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