Three Good Deeds

By Skyler Ross
In the book Three Good Deeds it starts out on the witches house were
Howard is turned into a goose. Later in the book Howard flies over to his home
town. There Howard tries to fly over to his parents, he wants them to recognize
Howard so they can help him out. Since it did not work out he flew back to the
witch's house.
The genre of the book Three Good Deeds is fantasy. It is fantasy because a
witch would not turn a boy into a goose. It uses magic, so it is fantasy. When
Howard got turned into a goose he could still talk, that is a form of magic. Those
are the reasons why Three Good Deeds is a fantasy. Find out the other reasons why
when you read Three Good Deeds.
In the book Three Good Deeds, there is a boy named Howard. Howard and the other kids in the
village call a mean old lady a witch. One day, Howard snuck by the pen of geese that was next to the
witch’s house. Howard knew the lady loved the geese, but he went in anyway. He wanted three eggs for
his family. Howard went in the property than Howard reached into the pen and got three eggs out. Right
away Howard put the eggs in his hat. Right then, BAM. Something hooked onto Howard’s leg that made
him trip and crack the eggs. It was the witches’ cane. He saw the witch behind him. She said not to steel
her eggs. Suddenly Howard shrunk to the ground. Now Howard knew for sure she was a witch for making
him a goose. He begged for her to change him back. The witch whispered to him, the only way to change
back was to do three good deeds for breaking three of her eggs . Howard needs to learn his lesson.
Find out all the stuff Howard goes through to change back to normal, when you read Three Good Deeds!
I recommend the book Three Good Deeds because it is so unique. I have never read a
book about a kid turned into a goose. I think it is clever to have Howard to do three good deeds
to turn back to normal. I would be scared to be in Howard’s position. I love books with magic. So
if you like witches and magic read the book Three Good Deeds! I guaranty when you read the
book Three Good Deeds you will like it.

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