SECAN Solid Wall Presentation

InstaLine & InstaClad
The effective solution for ‘Hard to Treat’ homes...
...from concept to completion
InstaLine & InstaClad
- EWI systems established for over 25 years in the UK
- Currently five or six key system designers
- Internal or External systems offered
- Green Deal & ECO driving the market
- Reduction in carbon output to meet Government
InstaLine & InstaClad
- IWI systems are relatively new as systems
- Traditionally tended to be a collection of materials
- No uniformed standard
- BBA accredited systems
- Demand for IWI set to increase as material thickness reduces
InstaLine & InstaClad
- EWI systems are long established
- Traditional materials and install methods
- New materials and systems driving market
- BBA accreditation increases industry quality
- Focus on EWI in the domestic market instead of high rise
InstaLine & InstaClad
The effective solution for ‘Hard to Treat’ homes...
...from concept to completion
The Problem
It is well recognised that no single thermal insulation
solution suits all situations.
Key considerations include:
- Space
- Breathability / Hydroscopicity
- Impact resistance
- Mould growth
- Budget
- Speed of installation
- Thermal performance
- Cold bridging
- Assured long term performance
InstaLine & InstaClad
The effective solution for ‘Hard to Treat’ homes...
...from concept to completion
The Solution
The ability to insulate a property without
jeopardising its character & space
Key considerations include:
- Variety of insulation types & thicknesses
- Ability to mix & match insulation types
- Hybrid solution of internal & external insulation
- Speed of installation
- Thermal performance - u - value
- Cold bridging – reveals & returns
- Assured long term performance
Introducing InstaLine internal solid wall insulation & InstaClad
external solid wall insulation
Total Insulation Systems
 InstaLine
– InstaLine SuperSlim with Aerogel
– InstaLine Slim with PIR
– BBA certified systems
 InstaClad
– InstaClad Robust
– Choice of finish inc Render, Brick slips or Dash
– BBA certified system
= savings in fuel costs
High Quality Positioning
BBA certified systems
OFGEM rating
10 year manufacturers guarantee
SWIGA founder member
Exclusive product supply
Snug brand
Continuous R&D to support new products and applications
Solid Wall Insulation Guarantee Agency
 Independent, uniformed & dependable 25 year guarantee
Existing Barriers to Market
System Thickness – especially for Internal
Cost vs Savings
End of CESP & CERT funding
Will Green Deal & ECO work
Limited guarantees – in relation to financial outlay
Lack of awareness
Fear of the unknown
 Planning – relaxation of laws
 System Thickness – new, innovative materials are reducing
thicknesses even during the drive for lower u-values
 Cost vs Savings – Savings of £490 per annum as fuel prices
spiral – Saving approx 2 tonnes of carbon per annum
 End of CESP & CERT funding – new funding mechanisms
in place
 Will Green Deal & ECO work – yes, these are driving the
 Limited guarantees – SWIGA gives greater peace of mind
 Lack of awareness – lend me your ears
 Fear of the unknown – support & advice every step of the
Market Size and Potential
 Approx 7 million solid wall properties in the UK
 Domestic, non high rise has long been overlooked
 Approx 30,000 installs per annum to be increased to
100,000 by 2014
 That is a reduction of approx 200,000 tonnes of carbon per
 Green Deal & ECO to heavily target solid wall properties
 Regeneration schemes as big a driving force as increased
thermal performance for those tackling fuel poverty
 Not just restricted to solid walls – HTT, Structural Stability
InstaLine & InstaClad
The effective solution for ‘Hard to Treat’ homes...
...from concept to completion
Snug Park Homes
A total insulation service
Total Insulation System
 Wall System
– InstaClad Park Homes
– Breathable stipple paint finish
 Floor Insulation
– InstaFoam BioFoam – Open cell to allow the home to
– No more cold floors
 Roof Insulation
– Blown fibre
Over 50% savings in fuel costs
Pre and Post Independent Testing

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