BAFS (accounting)

BAFS – S.5 Elective
Accounting Module
Overview – What is Accounting?
• It is a “Specialized language” of business.
– enables you to communicate and understand the
financial operations of all types of organization.
– Is the business making profits?
– Is it worth investing?
• The systematic recording, reporting, and
analysis of financial transactions of
• One of the “oldest professions” – backbone
of ALL businesses.
Topics covered in the NSS – BAFS Curriculum
S.4 – Introduction to Accounting
Accounting fundamentals – Rules of accounting & the accounting cycle
From recording of transactions  preparation of financial statements
S.5 – Financial Accounting
Accounting for different forms of business
e.g. Sole trader, partnership & Limited companies
Financial Analysis & Interpretation
S.6 – Cost Accounting
Cost control & analysis for making managerial decisions
Why study Accounting in NSS?
• Build a good foundation for further studies in ANY
business-related subject?
– E.g. BBA, Professional Accounting etc…
• Pursuit a finance-related career?
– Accountant, financial controller / analyst, CFO etc…
• Develop a business mind?
– Find out the secrets behind business performance?
– Opportunity for setting up own business in the future?
Why study Accounting in NSS?
To join different
accounting & business
Broaden your horizons?
Further enquiries?
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