File - Mrs. V. Murphy`s Science Class

Element Baby Book Project
Procedure and Example
• In this project you will adopt an element from the
periodic table.
• As the proud new parent of your element, you
will create a baby book to remember each stage
of your element’s life.
• This counts as a project grade. Pay special
attention to the required details so you don’t
loose points.
• Some parts need to be done on the computer
and some by hand.
How and When?
• Introduction – Today
• Final Project due Date: Tuesday October 22
• You will be assigned an element from atomic
numbers 1-62.
• You will complete your research during class.
• Fill out the information needed for each part on your
handout before starting to assemble your book.
• Use the resources listed on your handout or
Google the element name.
– NO Wikipedia
• During this process remember to include:
– Color
– Neatness
– Check spelling and grammar
– Fill the pages
– Be creative!!!
Cover Page 10 pts.
Name of element
Picture of the element (in everyday use)
Your name
Decorative cover
Date and class period
Cover page examples
FROM: Adam Johnson
Science Period 3
Birth Certificate 30pts.
Name (name of the element)
Nickname (symbol)
Birth Date (date element discovered)
Birth Weight (atomic Mass)
6.941 amu
Birth Height (atomic number)
Race (type of element- metal, non-metal, metalloid) metal
Doctor (discoverer)
Johan A. Arfvedson
Gender (state of matter at room temperature) solid
Place of birth (country of discovery)
Personality (boiling point & melting point) 1347 c/108.54c
Signature of Parent (that’s you!)
Make it look professional (border, seal of approval, etc...)
Birth Certificate examples
Find a style you like and copy it with your elements info. (google images)
This is to certify that
Birth Weight : 6.941 amu
Birth Height: 3
Race: Metal
Gender: Solid Nickname: Li
Personality: Boiling Point 1347C, Melting Point
Was born in the year of 1817
in the country of Sweden.
Physician in attendance was Johan A. Arfvedson
Signature of Parent: Mr. T. Lithium Element
Baby Picture 10pts.
• Create or cut-out a picture of a baby
– Make sure your baby also has a body!
• The baby needs to have a drawing of your
element’s atomic structure on their shirt (use
your handout for help)
• Be sure to label protons, neutrons & electrons
in the correct amounts.
Protons 3
Neutrons 4
Electrons 3
Family Tree 20 pts.
• Create a family tree to place the following
– Family name (name of the group it belongs to
alkali metals, halogens, etc.)
– Brothers and sisters(names of the group
– Address (period +Discover's last name+ drive,
lane, circle, court, road, or way
Family Tree examples
The Metal Family, Group I
Career of element- 6pts.
What will your element
become when it grows up?
How is your element used?
Day In The Life of Your Element
8 pts
• Draw or provide a color picture of your
element (You may need to be creative here.
Show a picture of its uses if you cannot draw
how the element occurs in nature. You can also
cut and paste and picture).
My Favorite Things 12pts.
• List four fun facts about your element not
mentioned before.
Bibliography 4pts.
• List at least 2 sources (exact website must be
listed – listing just Google, yahoo, etc. will not
receive credit).

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