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WDE Assessment
Will Donkersgoed
State NAEP Coordinator
WY Dept. of Education
• 2014-15 Assessment System
– New alternate assessment
– New exemption practice
• Assessment/Accountability-Related Bills
– SF0008
– SF0110
– HB0159
Spring 2015 Assessment
• Most of the state assessment system remains
in place from 2014
• Except!
• Exemption practice has changed, and
• WY has a new alternate assessment!
Spring 2015 Assessment
• Exemptions not allowed in most states
• AG’s office recommended elimination of category
of “medically fragile” due to privacy concerns
• Exemption categories include (only)
– Students in out of state placements,
– Students expelled with services, and
– Students who are ELs and educated in US schools for
less than one year
• Submission process is via Wyoming Transcript
Center; no more faxes or hard copies to WDE
Spring 2015 Assessment
• Search for new alternate assessment, aligned to new 2014
standards extensions in ELA and math that also integrated a
science test
• WY was a member of NCSC, but that test does not include a
science component
• American Institutes for Research (AIR) offers an ALT that’s
aligned to CCSS extensions and has a science component
– Higher quality than legacy Pearson items
– Reduced burden on teachers for administration (e.g. only 25%
of students statewide will require a second scorer, and then only
in math)
– TAs enter student responses into an online system and get
immediate results
– Lower cost than PAWS-ALT
Future of State Assessment
• Spring 2015 – (mostly) same as 2014
– PAWS, grades 3-8
– SAWS, grades 3, 5, & 7
– Explore, Plan, ACT in grades 9-11
– Compass and Workkeys for students in grades 1112
• Spring 2016
– Current plan is to continue PAWS, SAWS, and ACT
– Plan and Explore will not be available in 2016
Current Bills
• SF0008 – Sponsored by Select Committee
– Changes graduation requirements for students, eliminating
“measure or multiple measures,” and eliminates tiered diplomas
– Institutes an assessment task force
– Adopts framework for educator evaluation, changing timeline
for implementation to 17-18 for leaders and 18-19 for teachers
• SF0110
– Eliminates PAWS and SAWS, instituting ACT’s Aspire in grades 3,
5, 7 and 9 in 2015-16 only
– State Board to weigh options for 2016-17 and beyond
– Adds $500k to AG’s budget to defend state’s position with US ED
– Requires SPRs every other year rather than every year
• HB0159
– Eliminates SAWS

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